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Your Best Hospital Bag Checklist For Visits

Get a hospital bag ready for whatever reason, and the reason is one task that most people find challenging. It requires proper planning, and no matter how much time one takes, there seems to be always something essential forgotten behind. Women, especially those preparing for child delivery, often start packing months before their due date and even so, still find something missing in the bag.

A delivery hospital bag is one special item that one truly needs to prepare for. This bag won’t only be serving you but your newborn baby as well, both for the period you will be in the hospital and after.

Here are a few essentials that you need to consider and ensure that they never lack in your hospital bag.

1. Your Oral Hygiene Essentials

These here should top your hospital bag checklist. You can’t afford a bad breath in this state. If you are privileged enough to be accompanied by your partner to the hospital, then remember to pack his too.

2. Slippers, Towel, and Soap

You can call these bathroom essentials. Imagine getting to the hospital shower room and realizing that none of the above basics is provided! Do you turn your back to hygiene and forget about showering altogether? That is not an option. So please, remember to create room for these in your hospital bag. Your slippers will also come in handy when you wish to walk around. Check out these essential towels we recommend getting that you can include in your hospital bag checklist

3. Your Maternity/Birth Plan and Insurance Cards

Forget everything else but not these two. Every other item can be purchased, but your insurance card can’t! Neither can your birth plan. It is in this plan that you have everything laid out on pen and paper. You know why? Even when labor pains overwhelm and leave you in a speechless state, these two can speak for themselves.

Of much importance are your master/credit cards and some cash. Anything could happen, and these will come in handy. You might even have forgotten something valuable that can be purchased within the hospital premises.

4. Maternity Pads and Comfortable Undies

Well, hospitals can often supply you with maternity pads, but it is unlikely that they supply undies as well. It is advisable that you pack your own and not have to depend on what the hospital provides. Having a collection of disposable undies will work even better. They will have saved yourself from handling blood-stained undies in the state you will be in. Alternatively, you can consider carrying old undies that won’t be a problem if permanently stained.

Be sure to also go check out “15 Things Your Labor Nurse Wants You to Know” for info on what you need to tell your labor nurse before birth.

5 Nursing and Breast Pads

After delivery, you expect that your breasts will produce milk. Please carry a pack of each of these. Another essential package should be muslin squares that you will need to wipe baby with after they burp. You will also need to carry a few comfortable maternity bras (without an underwire) lest you miss where to attach your breast pads and just for the sake of support they will offer you.

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6. Nipple Cream

Some women have a hard time breastfeeding their newborns as a result of cracked nipples. Though it is advisable to start the application of the cream months into delivery, somehow, nipples end up cracking after giving birth. Nipple cream in your hospital bag checklist will be essential to keep your sanity intact during the breastfeeding process. The pain can be excruciating!

7. Extra Diapers, Wet Wipes, and Cotton Wool

Again, some hospitals can, at times, provide these, but it is essential that you also carry a pack or two of each in your hospital bag to avoid inconveniences that might arise. With the different brands in the market, you also don’t want to have a mix up that can otherwise cause a reaction on your newborn. 

Most medical experts have recommended cotton wool for use on the delicate skin of the baby instead of wipes, but this again varies from baby to baby. It’s safe to have both in your bag and take time to know what works for your little one.

8. Clothes

Remember to carry an extra set of clothes for both of you (baby and yourself). You need comfortable clothes after being discharged. Have at least three pairs packed for yourselves.

Here, you will not just need ordinary clothes but baby shawls, baby blankets to keep the baby warm while in hospital, onesies, and mittens as well. For yourself, remember to also pack a dressing gown, socks, and a nightdress. You might want to consider dark-colored ones that will hide bloodstains if any.

Also, keep in mind that your tummy will not immediately go flat. You should carry maternity dresses that you have been operating with. These are the clothes that will provide you with the comfort you most certainly will need. If your partner accompanies you, throw in a pair for him as well in your hospital bag.

9. Camera

This is particularly applicable to those who have a desire to document their labor journey. If you plan to go with your spouse to capture the moment, the better. If not, you will need to have a tripod and a charger for the same pack as well.

You will also need your mobile phone, its charger but most preferably, a power bank. Otherwise, how else are you meant to communicate with your family members? So remember to include it in your hospital bag checklist. 

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10. Other Essentials

Under this category , included are things like body lotion to keep yourself moisturized, massage oil just in case things get sour and a massage comes calling, pillows for an extra comfortable stay, headwrap or hair bands to keep your hair in place, lip balm ( believe it or not, you can crack your lips if you are not cautious enough), shampoo and conditioner, a mobile phone charger and a music source to soothe you. You may also need to bring your makeup kit hence consider them when coming up with your hospital bag checklist

11. Snacks

It’s not easy going through the entire labor process on an empty stomach. It can take several hours, but some lucky women can only take a few hours. For that reason, you will need to pack a few of your favorite snacks to munch on after the arrival of your baby. Doctors won’t allow you to eat anything before you give birth.

Pack snacks for two because you never know just how hungry you will be after it all. Also, remember to include water and any other drink that you might wish to but a non-alcoholic beverage. Also, if your partner accompanies you, then he will also need a share of the same.

12. Infant Car Seat

This is not a must-have, but some hospitals require that you bring it for the safety of your baby on your way back home. You and your partner should familiarize yourself with the fitting techniques before you embark on a journey to the hospital. Starting to learn the basics of fitting a baby seat in a car right after you have been discharged probably won’t be the right thing to do.

13. A Good Read

You are probably wondering if this will be remembered and if there will be time to read a book, but it sure will come in handy after delivery and baby is napping. You will need something to keep you busy as you wait on them. If your partner will be with you in hospital, then he also needs to stay occupied, and a good book will do this trick. Alternatively, consider downloading something, entertaining like a movie series. So bring a book or bring your tablet or e-book reader with you. 

Before you start packing, it is important to first identify and settle on a hospital of your choice. After that, strive to know what the hospital provides to new mothers so you don’t end up carrying more than you will need.

Some people are skilled packers and can fit a lot of stuff into a relatively small bag, but that is not the point. The important thing is to ensure that you fit all the necessities into a bag and have it ready before the big day. 

Thank you for reading! Let us know in the comments below how you prepare or prepared your delivery bag. Let us know if we missed something in our bag!

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