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Baby Must Haves for Young Mothers (Guide)

Having a baby is one of the exciting things for a mother, but it can be stressful and scary at times, especially if it is your first time. Just like any other first-time mother, you must be worried whether you are adequately prepared for the arrival of your newborn.

For most mothers, their list of necessities can get out of control. It is understandable and forgivable to think that you should have everything if you are to be the supermom you want to be. However, you will learn that there is nothing perfect.

You make perfect as you go along, giving your baby the best start to life that you possibly can. For a start, all you need is to have the necessities, and you will be good to go.

We understand how challenging it can be to decide which baby products you should have and the ones that you can forgo. So we’ve done the legwork for you! Read this essential guide on must-have baby products, and by the time you are finished, you will have a sizeable list sufficient to welcome your baby. Read the baby must haves below. 

Must-Have Baby Products: FAQs

Before we delve into this list and the  subject of what products you need to have to be sufficiently prepared for the arrival of your baby, here are a few frequently asked questions to get you acquainted with motherhood and the preparation process. These questions give you a glimpse of what products you should focus on having.

Should I buy a special laundry detergent for my baby?

Your baby will probably not need a special detergent. The majority of the regular detergents are harmless unless the baby has skin sensitivity or allergies. It is advisable, however, to monitor how the baby’s skin reacts to the detergents and soaps that you are using.  A range of baby-specific mild bathing soaps and detergents are available for your newborn baby, and it’s recommended that you pick the best for your baby.  Besides, they smell so lovely!

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When should I introduce a bottle to my newborn?

When you should introduce a bottle to your newborn depends on whether you are breastfeeding or formula feeding. For the formula feeding, it is advisable you start the first day and at least after three weeks if you are breastfeeding.

Do I need to buy a bottle sterilizer?

You don’t need a bottle sterilizer. Washing the bottles with soapy hot water will do the trick.

What’s the ideal temperature for a baby’s sleep?

The recommended range of room temperature for your baby’s sleep is 68 – 72 degrees Fahrenheit. Having an indoor thermometer will help you track the changes in temperature effectively. Nevertheless, your newborn baby will feel comfortable in conditions just as a lightly-clothed adult would. The implication is that if you are shivering or sweating, the baby is shivering and sweating, as well.

When should I start purchasing baby products?

There is no definitive start-time to start shopping for your baby. However, the earlier, the better; you do not want to start rushing to the shopping malls during your third trimester. So, begin as early as the first trimester. At least it gives you enough time to rest during the remaining days of your pregnancy.

Baby Products: What You Should Have

Notably, you cannot have everything ready by the time your baby arrives. And that’s okay. It is hectic across the three trimesters anyway. However, you should have everything that will make your life much easier when you deliver.

Here are the essential baby products that every first-time mom should strive to have.

Enough Supply of Diapers

As the newborn baby adjusts to the new feeding, they will likely poop a lot, and then some more. So, whether you are opting to use a cloth or planning to adopt the disposable route, you will need to have enough diapers. You cannot afford to run out of diapers at 4 a.m. or in the middle of a long journey, and in case you do, then you will learn how nightmarish it can be being without diapers.  Also, as you plan your purchase, do not make the mistake of buying so many of them of one size. Think of what would happen when your newborn baby outgrows them within a few months? Therefore, keeping a variety of sizes – from too small to large will keep you out of any trouble of buying the next size of diaper because your little one is growing at a fast rate.

There are various brands of diapers. Some diapers become too heavy when a baby pees, while others remain almost unchanged. Additionally, there are diaper types that have a terrible odor. While the efficiency of each diaper brand differs from one brand to the other and depending on a child’s sensitivity, you must sample several and find out what other moms are saying about their efficiency.

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A Swaddle Blanket

Swaddling is hugely comforting to a baby; it is similar to a womb’s gentle squeeze. Soft swaddle blankets come in a variety of types, sizes, and efficiency. With the vast options available on the market, you might find it quite daunting to choose the best swaddle blanket. Nevertheless, the best swaddle blanket should be generously sized and have enough room for stretching, plus comfortable and soft! 

Having more than one swaddle blanket pays. Think of a situation when your only swaddle blanket fails to dry. If you want to be on the safe edge, buy at least two blankets; you will be alternating as the need arises. Best is to get more than four, feel free to throw in a fancy one in there. Plus, sometimes the soft swaddle can get crusty at times if not properly dried. 

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An Easy-to-Carry Changing Pad

All-dancing, all-singing changing stations in a nursery are categorized as “wants” as opposed to “needs,” but all you need is an easy-to-carry changing pad, especially if you are determined to get the baby out of the house. A portable changing pad comes handy in public places. A majority of public bathrooms do not have baby changing points, and in case you find one, it might not meet your cleanliness standards.

If you have ever watched a mother change a diaper on the back of their cars or the ground, you can attest that it is not a fun moment. Having a portable changing pad that features a compartment to keep several wipes and a few diapers is what you need to be free from such a meltdown.

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A Secure and Comfortable Baby Carrier

A baby carrier is a must-have for new mothers and seasoned ones. It is a game-changer. It frees your hands such that you can use them to handle other tasks. Also, it is much easier and comfortable to carry your baby in a carrier than using your hands. The best baby carrier is supposed to guarantee your child the same effect as when you are swaddling them. Additionally, placing your baby next to your heartbeat opens another box of emotions that makes motherhood that much more special.

Baby carriers operate similarly as wrap slings. Some people find the slings complicated, but they are more accessible than they appear, and yet others would prefer something more structural. Irrespective of what other people prefer, it is advisable to go for what will find more comfortable.

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Nipple Cream

Most breastfeeding mothers have experienced chapped, cracked, or even sore nipples. If you have seen anybody with such nipples, you know that they are no fun at all. They are an easy way to turn your otherwise positive experience into a torturous one. You have to take care of your breasts during your breastfeeding stage. Even though breastfeeding is considered natural, it is not always guaranteed that you will experience a natural feeling, especially a few days after giving birth. Your nipples might feel itchy and even bleed at times. Good nipple cream will do the work. The cream will provide you with the relief that you need when, after, or even before breastfeeding.

The market is flooded with all manner of nipple cream brands. Do your research to settle for a cream that aligns and addresses your specific problem. For example, there are specific creams for sensitive skin, best for pumping, best for pregnant moms, best natural, best for cracked nipples, best for breastfeeding moms, and yet others are best overall.

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Onesies with Mittens

Keeping the baby warm at all times is your responsibility. Mittens can do the part. However, these teeny-tiny mittens often fall off or are at times lost in the washing machine. You can deal with this problem by looking for onesies that come with mittens.

Some sleepsuits are combined with mittens, and this makes it easy for you to dress your few-weeks-old baby. Apart from keeping the baby warm, they are ideal in preventing the baby from scratching their cheeks or nose. As you shop for your onesies with mittens, it is advisable that you look for the ones made of cotton, with expandable facets to allow for easy dressing, snaps to ensure that you can change your baby quickly with ease, and above all, are comfortable for the baby. Also, make sure that you have several in case you are caught up by bad weather.

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Burp Cloths

Feeding a baby is an involving process. Whether you are using the bottle or feeding them from the breast, you can be assured that some of the milk/food will come back up. The last thing you want is to let the baby’s or your clothes get in touch with the regurgitated food. This is where stockpile muslin burp cloths become useful.

For efficiency, you may want to consider blanket-sized muslin. It will cover your full body in case of projectile incidents. Apart from protecting you and the child, such a burp cloth will give your baby and additional layer in case they need it. It can additionally serve as a cover-up whenever breastfeeding in public, and you need more privacy.

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Night Light

A night light is essential as your baby grows. You will have numerous instances when the baby wakes up at night – and that is normal, especially when your baby moves through toddlerhood. It will be useful in easing bedtime fussiness, soothing your restless baby, as well as minimizing disruptions to other people in the house when you have to beeline along the hallway at night.

Just like any other baby product, night lights are available in different sizes and shapes. You will find some to be multifunctional, such that they indicate the room’s temperatures, play white noise and lullabies, or even create light shows. You must carry out thorough research to settle for a night light that will make your nights easy.

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Sleeping Bag

One thing is for sure that you cannot swaddle your baby forever. At a particular time, you will need to get yourself something that will keep the baby warm during the night.  You can use blankets, but you can guarantee that you will wake up to cover them every time they kick them off.  Because your primary aim is to keep the baby safe and free from cold at night, a sleeping bag will be of great assistance.

The bag is an ideal alternative to the ordinary blanket and is much effective in keeping your baby warm. It features various togs for accommodating seasonal temperatures. Additionally, these bags are designed in a manner that you do not have to worry that they will cover their heads to suffocation – you both get a peaceful sleep!

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Baby Towels

Which mother dries their baby with their towels? If you think that a baby towel is not a necessity and that you can use your cloth, you need to wake up from that dream and get your baby an appropriate towel!

Babies have delicate skin, and this implies that you will want a towel made from a soft fabric. Besides, you should choose towels that are anti-fungal, naturally antibacterial, and absorbent. If you can find a hooded one, the better; it will provide the necessary cover to ensure that the baby is not exposed to coldness after bathing them.

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Collapsible Baby Bottle

Whether you are breastfeeding or formula-feeding, you will need to have the right baby bottles. Carrying a baby bottle when traveling can be a challenge. As if you have not had a haul already, traveling with a baby requires you to be extremely organized and have superhuman packing skills. For instance, you need to ensure that you have packed cleaning equipment, bottles, and formula.

You can save yourself all the hassle by buying a collapsible baby bottle. It revolutionizes the traveling-with-baby game giving you all the convenience you need while traveling. Once collapsed, you can fit it in your back pocket and walk normally.

A Crib

Not unless you plan to have a family bed, you should make the necessary plans on where the baby will be sleeping. You can opt for a three-sided crib (co-sleeper) or a bassinet cradle but only for the early months of the baby’s growth.

Choosing the right baby’s cribs depends on a few factors. For example, you should ensure that you choose a crib whose size matches the available space in your house. You cannot afford to buy a large crib while there is no space to fit it.

Another critical factor to consider would be to establish the style and material of the crib. Some cribs come with baby playthings while others do not. Other cribs are made of wood, while others are metallic. Whatever option you go for, you should weigh its suitability in terms of your budget and efficiency in keeping the baby safe at all times.

The majority of the baby cribs do not have mattresses. 

Therefore, you need to budget for a baby mattress, as well. Fire-retardant mattresses are best for infants. Perhaps, you are considering an older crib or a hand-me-down one. While that’s nice and thoughtful of your loved one to donate, you need to ensure that such a crib is safe for your newborn.

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What You Should Consider When Buying Baby Products

As a new mom, getting it right when it comes to what to baby products you should buy is quite challenging. 

Given how delicate babies are, it is paramount that you get the right product for various uses. Here are a few things to guide you when buying baby products.


Having the best quality beddings guarantees better sleep for your baby. For the best rest, you should focus on getting comfortable and soft beddings.

Getting a baby cot not only enhances the safety of the baby but also is attractive and ideal for less-sized rooms. Besides, make sure that you take into consideration the sensitivity of your baby’s skin; avoid any bedding material that could irritate the baby.

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Baby Care Products

One of the sensitive categories of baby items is the care products. Babies have sensitive skins, so you should avoid compromising on products with odd names or baby care products that promise you supernormal savings.

You would rather spend a lot of money on renowned brands than go for something unknown and way cheaper but cause problems on your baby’s skin. Additionally, most famous brands assure you of a variety of products ranging from powders, lotions, oils, to shampoos.

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When planning to buy baby’s furniture, safety should be a priority. Some of the initial furniture to consider includes the feeding table, chair, and a baby cot. For most parents, this furniture does not matter when the baby is a few weeks old. Therefore, you can save the money for the time being and use it on other urgent products that the baby will need right away.

However, when the time comes to buy your baby some furniture, you should ensure that the furniture is comfortable, attractive, and colorful. Above all, whether it is a table, chair, or a baby cot, it should be firm enough to accommodate the baby’s weight.

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Baby food products include feeding bottles. A feeding bottle is a must-have, especially if you are formula-feeding your baby. However, as the baby grows, you will need to give them real food, and this is where you need to be more careful to provide them with food that is not only meant for putting out the hunger but also one that has enough nutrients and tastes good.

One of the secrets of succeeding in this category is always monitoring your baby’s age and teeth growth. To begin with, you can opt for solid foods recommended for infants such as cereals, green beans, and formulas.


Whatever your baby wears is as sensitive as what they eat. What’s the use of a nutritious diet or a well-decorated nursery when the baby is not well clothed? Here is where you should focus on different categories of clothing from mittens, socks, baby towels, vests, t-shirts, shirts, diapers, and onesies, among others. A significant percentage of the budget for a newborn is taken up by clothing. Therefore, ensuring that you allocate enough money for baby wear is a meaningful way to avoid getting stressed at the end.

Must-Have Baby Products

There you have it — our comprehensive guide on the baby products that you must buy as you wait for the baby to arrive. However, it is evident that getting prepared for a newborn is not something that you can do overnight; it takes careful consideration and planning. You should focus on the safety, comfort, health, and happiness of the baby. With such a consideration, you will easily avoid anything that does not bring prosperity, happiness, good health, or safety for your baby. 

Nevertheless, it makes sure that you carry enough research about various brands of baby products and work within your budget. The last thing you want to happen is running out of money when you only bought luxurious items that are not even necessary!

Thanks for reading with us today! How far along are you on your baby-product-buying journey? Comment below on some essential products you bought and recommend so far! For some additional new-mommy advice and tips on helping you save money, check out 6 Best Diaper Travel Bags, Expecting a Baby? Here’s the Ultimate Shopping Checklist, Get Free Baby Products With Babylist (Hello Baby Box), and Secure Attachment and Bonding (Mom & Baby)! Be sure to like us on Facebook, and follow us on Instagram for the best mom content. See you next time!

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