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Why You Shouldn’t Care About Other People’s Opinions

People can have an opinion which may or may not be factual. Care if they’re trying to help or say, “I don’t care” to it. It’s entirely okay not to care.

Why You Shouldn't Care About Other People's Opinions
People can have an opinion which may or may not be factual. Care if they're trying to help or say, "I don't care" to it. It's entirely okay not to care.

Peer pressure is not a thing limited to kids, as mothers and fathers experience the same thing. There are way too many ways to go “wrong” about your parenting nowadays, and others with children will be sure to tell you all about it. Nothing can get past them if they think someone is “endangering” their kid.

And there are always mothers who do everything to be the “perfect mother.” But that is only defined by the media and current trends, so it might not be the right way to parent, which is why we want to talk about it.

The Kinds of Things You Will Hear Criticism About

For real though, you will get a ton of crap for every single little thing you do. And the people who you are receiving it from will think that they are doing you a favor by telling you.

So, what can all that be about?

1. Food

The main thing is the food. Many parents watch their child’s intake of every little thing and want their food to be free of everything. Most commonly, gluten, nuts, and GMOs. These three have become infamous for being allergens or harmful, so now parents are deathly afraid of giving them to their children.

But reasonable people want an allergy test to be done first of course, because they don’t want to limit their child’s diet to all-natural, free of all chemicals (and very expensive) things.

2. Healthcare

We don’t want to go into the vaccination debate, but whatever you chose will be bashed by others. There is no way to go about it. After all, it can be life or death for some kids.

But healthcare also includes the medicine you give your child or the lack of it. Some parents think that modern medicine is a way to cure all illnesses. Meanwhile, another considerable percentage is against the idea entirely. The latter rarely give their child medicine, basically only relying on old fashioned methods, which means that they want their child to heal by drinking tea with honey and keeping warm. Which can work, but in some cases (like when the child is in pain), medicine is still needed. Only the real extremes go too far by not allowing their child to take any medication at all.

3. Education

Homeschooling, private schools, or public schools. Whichever you choose will affect your child in the long term, but no matter what path you decide for your kid, other parents will judge you for it.

“If you homeschool your child, then they will have no social skills!”

Or our favorite is when others try to lecture you for trying to get your kid into a reputable school. Even if it’s costly.

“If you send them to a private school they will become snobby!”

But it’s even better when other parents want to bash your choice to send your child to a public school (even though that’s the most common thing to do).

“If you send them to a public school they won’t get a good education!”

All of these can be valid, but it’s still unnecessary stress on you.

But even after all of that, you can be judged for something else. Whether you help your child with their homework or not. Or even whether you check if it’s done.

4. Value system

This one is especially bad. The core values you teach your child might differ from others, and that can infuriate them.

Remember, you were told to share when you were a child. And that was forced on you because for some weird reason you were considered selfish if you didn’t give strange kids your things? Yeah, that practice is still prevalent today, and a lot of parents are looked down upon when they teach their child that saying no to sharing is okay.

“How dare you not force your child to give random people their toys?”

5. Screen time

Some people think it can be good for kids if they spend a certain time looking around on the internet, discovering the world in a weird aspect. Others believe that it’s awful that children use smart devices at such an early age.

You can have your own opinion, but there will always be someone who doesn’t care and will tell you so.

6. SAHM or working

You will be judged for being a stay at home mother, and you will be judged for being a working mother. You can’t go right.

If you are a SAHM, then you are showing your daughter(s) and son(S) that a woman’s place is at home and that they should be taking care of the house and others. You are teaching them old fashioned beliefs that aren’t true anymore. It is misogynistic to raise kids this way. Your daughter will not want to work on bettering the world, and your son will not be able to handle an independent woman.

If you work, then you don’t spend enough time with your children. You leave them with a babysitter and leave them for the entire day. How could a strong mother-child bond created be that way? Surely, the 16 hours that are still left of the day aren’t enough. But the worst part is that you leave your precious child with a stranger. Aren’t you afraid that something terrible will happen?

These large paragraphs will be ranted to you no matter which you choose. People will have a problem with it, and there is no middle ground here.

So, Should You Care?

Kind of. You may have heard those rants a thousand times before, but maybe this time they will have something useful to say. After all, it is not likely that they are trying to hurt you and your child; their beliefs are just different.

But at least pretend to care. That person is trying to help after all. Ordinary people tend to leave you alone once you have explained why you do what you do. If they continue pushing, then it’s time for a different approach.

If you are a parent, it’s good to hear other people’s opinions at least, because you really might be messing up somewhere. But if that is not the case, your parenting style then there is nothing to be done. Except talking about the way, you help your child by raising them your way.

What do you think about parents peer pressuring each other? Tell us down in the comments below!

Thank you for reading with us today! Be sure to also check out “6 Money Saving Challenges To Improve Your Finances” to improve your money saving methods.

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