Where I’ve been!


Hope you didn’t notice.. but I was on vacation!

I like to keep things running the same on the blog and am lucky to have one amazing helper who has kept things running smoothly while I’ve been on vacation– (first one in 5 years!) we were  in Ireland for 12 days.

It’s been nothing short of amazing and I am so blessed to be able to take this vacation of a lifetime.  Today we are resting and I finally have time to sit down and write a blog post on our adventures.

The first 3 days were pretty tiring. I didn’t think it would take so long for us to adjust to the time change (Ireland is 8 hours ahead of PST)  We stayed in a city called Limerick for the first few days and fell in love with the hills and hills of green!

I have fallen in love with the stone homes here. They are so charming and cozy.



After Limerick, we moved onto a city called Adare. This is where we are currently staying–We are staying in a castle called Fanningstown Castle. It’s been around since the early 1200’s and is on a farm with cows!



The first few days we did sight seeing close to the castle. We checked out Glenstal Abbey in Limerick.


On one of the (very) few sunny days we visited the Rock Of Cashel. The Kids loved it and the day was beautiful with a high of 68 😉


The kids rolled down the hills of the site and got to burn of a lot of energy they had from sitting in the car for several hours of driving.


We made a detour in Dublin and visited the home place of a great beer.. Guinness! This was for the guys in our family because we HAD to do it according to them. 😉 I’m not a beer drinker.. and I honestly wasn’t too thrilled with the going.. but I was SO surprised with how much I loved seeing how they made it.. and to top it off, we got to pour our own pint right there!


So, you might have guessed it.. but I’m a total lover of Guinness now. haha! I got to taste it straight out of the brewery and according to the guys in our family, this tastes WAY better than what you get in the states. Its so smooth and my pint went way too fast. 🙂


I couldn’t possibly tell you all of what we saw– it would definitely take more than one post. I think out of everything we saw.. The Cliffs of Moher were my favorite! Unfortunately, the day we went it was raining the hardest it had rained in a few days.. so I wasn’t able to get great pictures but I am happy that we got to enjoy this. The views are pretty much indescribable.


So, now our AMAZING trip is over.. We are currently enduring a 17 hour trip back to California and exhausted!

The kids were amazed with the fact that we arrive in California on the same day that we left Ireland.. I’m making it fun by telling them the airplane is a time machine taking us back into time 😉

  • Myrriah says:

    Glad you got to enjoy Ireland. Such a beautiful country and very green compared to Socal.

  • Joan says:

    Wow! Sounds like you had so much fun on your trip of a lifetime. You are truly fortunate to have a healthy, happy, beautiful family. Enjoy every moment of these special times in your lives!!!

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