When your 11 year-old suddenly cares about what he wears.

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Several weeks ago, I noticed my son was wearing the same clothes day after day. I was a little confused about this because we had just gone through his closet to find things that he no longer could fit. We do a lot of hand-me-downs to the younger boys, so it is really easy to just throw them into their drawer and be done with it.

After a couple of days of him wearing the same shirts and shorts, I asked him why. He pretty much told me that he only likes a handful of the items that are in his closet! ugh, I finally decided to take him to Goodwill and I promise you, this shopping trip was not easy. “Mom, I don’t like the way these feel”, “This shirt doesn’t look right”… do you have problems like this? I never thought a boy could only like to wear just ONE type of sock (another “issue” we have)

I figured out a couple solutions to our “preteen” clothing problem. Check out my blog post here.

  • Anne Salter says:

    My 11 year old son has always been a picky dresser; some of it is sensory issues (this ‘doesn’t feel right; it’s uncomfortable’) and some of it is because of the pattern of the item. He even tries to make general rules about what he likes and doesn’t like (but of course, he breaks them all the time); I don’t like patterned shirts, but I don,t like them plain; I only like them with a design on them like a silk screen image. And all of a sudden, he ‘hates’ underwear unless they are boxers. Right. Frustrating. Here is what I have done.
    1. a sudden change of taste doesn’t work at our house; ‘just because you changed your mind about what you like and don’t doesn’t mean I go and buy you a bunch of new stuff; it only means that next time I buy you stuff, I’ll listen to the new preferences’. End of story.
    2. I take him shopping with me but he also gets overwhelmed if I show him the store and ask what he likes; so I pick a few things and asks specifically if he likes them – then it’s in the changeroom and I bring him a few items at a time.
    3. stores like H&M and Old Navy have very reasonable stuff for boys and Old Navy’s style doesn’t change much. Just make sure to hit a sale.
    4. I’m on Freecycle and I make sure to ask for as much clothes (for free) as possible – and we offer anything he doesn’t like on Freecycle as well. A good sharing practice.
    5. If I buy him anything when he’s not present, I make sure I can return it.

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