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When Are You Ready To Be a Minivan Mom?

A minivan mom is a soccer mom or mother with a minivan. She drives this type of automobile for comfort and convenience. Read on for more!

When Are You Ready to Be a Minivan Mom
A minivan mom is a soccer mom or mother with a minivan. She drives this type of automobile for comfort and convenience. Read on for more!

We’re sure you might be a little confused by the term ‘Minivan mom.’ Maybe you’re wondering, “who is a minivan mom? How do I know if I’m one? When am I ready to be one?”

Not to worry, we’re here to help you know who minivan mom are, if you’re one and how you know when you’re ready to be one.

Minivan Moms

In the most basic terms, minivans and soccer moms or mothers with minivans. They drive this type of automobile for various reasons, but comfort and convenience top the list.

For moms with a large family, minivans are your best option because they have enough space for everyone, and the provided seats are comfortable. The car is designed for a crowd. They are as practical as it gets with their six spots, automatic doors, sturdy cup holders and foldable chairs.

We know the transition from your cute little sedan car into a minivan may be scary. It may make you feel like you’re getting old and dated, or you’re losing your ‘cool’ edge, but we are here to tell you to ignore all those stereotypes about minivan moms. Minivan moms are the coolest, and you’ll know why shortly.

But how do you know if you are ready to be a minivan mom? Find some tips below, and if you can check all or most of these boxes, you need a minivan.

You Are Ready To Be a Minivan Mom When:

1. You prioritize functionality over style

Minivans are one of the most practical vehicles on the planet. They may not be the most stylish, but they get things done. They are also safe and provide enough seating for the whole family.

2. You don’t mind the utmost convenience that auto-sliding doors offer

Doors that close and open by themselves sound like music to every mom’s ears. These are one of the biggest perks of owning minivans. Children struggle with opening doors, and sometimes it’s not even safe for them, so you have to get down from the driver’s seat and come to their side of the car to open the door for them. Auto-sliding doors save you that stress. You also don’t have to worry about your children opening the door forcefully and slamming into someone else’s car in the parking lot.

The doors are also a lifesaver when your hands are full. With the push of a button, you can get those heavy grocery bags in the car while maneuvering with your infant on your hip

3. Your family has to rent a car or drive more than one car for a trip

It’s better to wake up and smell the coffee ma’am. If your family cannot fit in one car for a family day out or vacations, you need a minivan. We think part of the fun experience of a road trip is everyone in the car singing songs and sharing funny stories.

4. You can’t host your son’s soccer team or your daughter’s friends to the movies with your current car

You don’t want to be an irresponsible mom that cannot take the soccer team to practice because she has a small car. It’s your joy when you can be there for your children, whatever extracurricular activities they choose to engage in.

5. Your current car is too small, and children always fight or argue in it

No matter the age range of your children, they will be uncomfortable in a cramped space. You need the minivans to upgrade if your car does not fit two car seats or does not give enough room for each child to express their individuality.

With a smaller car, you know someone is always touching someone’s stuff

6. Your car is uncomfortable for the journey

As stated above, there is enough room for everyone with third-row seating. The children will fight less. The older ones will have their space and not taunt their siblings, and you know a peaceful ride with the children means some more peace for you.

Minivans also make waiting easier on the children. With all that room, they are most likely in the back seat busy with their books or iPads. Some minivans also come with entertainment centers for each row, so each child can be preoccupied with their screen without disturbing the other.

7. You want to move large items

The minivans are also great for moving large items. You can save that uHaul money and use it for some other essential expenses. The foldable ones are good enough for carrying TVs and some small-sized furniture. The trunk is large enough for all your grocery shopping without having to make two or more trips. It also fits those outrageously big strollers.

8. You want extra space

We have to talk about the unlimited cup holders that minivans have, and we know a mom car can never have too many cup holders. It also has some extra spaces on the side that are great for snacks and water.

9. You like some privacy while changing your baby’s diaper or nursing them

They are perfect for when you don’t have a diaper changing station. You only fold the chairs in and voila! You’ve got your changing station.

You’re ready to be a minivan mom if you and your family need all these features. Trade your sedan in for a comfortable minivan and trust us, you’ll still be a cool mom that puts her children’s needs first.

If we have been able to convince you and you can check a lot of these boxes, then you are ready to be welcomed into the minivan mom club.

Just be sure to look out for some features like parabolic mirrors so you can see the children clearly at the back, the auto-sliding doors we mentioned earlier, rear-seat entertainment, a push-to-start button, and a large trunk.

The fact that you’re getting minivans and becoming a minivan mom doesn’t make you less cool. There are beautiful and high tech minivans that’ll make anyone driving the latest sports car, jealous.

Some of the Best Minivans For Moms

1. Chrysler Town & Country

It has auto-sliding doors, remote entry, and Stow ‘n Go foldaway second-row seats.

2. Honda Odyssey

Stylish and practical. It boasts of a spacious middle aisle, a rearview camera, and two-zone air conditioning.

3. 2017 Subaru Outback

It is very roomy, has entertainment centers, and a remote powered trunk.

You can also visit the closest car dealership to you and make some inquiries, you’ll be pleased with your findings.

Honestly, minivans are like little condos on wheels. You can relax and put your feet up in the car while waiting for your children to be done at practice. You can also comfortably take a nap. Who says minivans are not awesome?

Let us know in the comments below if you’re riding around in minivans and which one! Be sure to check out related articles like “7 Tips To Make Your Baby Stop Crying With Ease” or “Be a Happier Mom With Stay at Home Mom Schedule” for more guides to becoming an even greater mother. Enjoy!

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