What is a good deal on Toilet Paper?


Toilet Paper is one of those things that people are usually wary of. How do I know if I got a good deal. What is a good deal? Why are their so many different types of rolls? Regular roll, Mega Roll, Double Roll….etc. Here is a simple formula that I go by. This is by no means considered the WAY to do it. For those that have always wondered..here is how I do it!


Here is my package of Cottonelle Toilet Paper.  This package includes 643.2 Sq feet of Toilet Paper.  One way to tell if this is a good deal or not:

move the decimal place over two spaces = 6.43. Now if you were able to purchase this package for this price than you got a good deal.

  • below this price = stock up!
  • above this price = not a very good deal

Also, another way to tell is a REGULAR Roll should be $0.25-$0.50 each. Now, I understand that everyone is different and may have a prefrence as to what brand they purchase–but in our home we aren’t specific and will usually pay for the lowest price of TP.

Hopefully this helps you understand a little more!

  • Rosa Barillas says:

    Information…very usefull….thanks…!!!

  • Bernie says:

    Good strategy! The other day I was analyzing packages at Albertsons. Squishing the paper on the rolls to check the density. Your method is a lot easier to remember and I won’t get told ” Don’t Squeeze the Charmin!” by store management.

  • SS says:

    Great, simple tip! Thanks. Was wondering, how about determining a good stock-up price for paper towels?

  • harry martin says:

    Oh that’s a great tip, Thanks!

  • Candi says:

    Just wanted to let you all know that my Winco store has 12 pack double rolls of Kleenex cottonelle for $3.49!! Not sure if the prices are the same from store to store, but that is such a great deal I wanted to share. 🙂

  • Gee says:

    Earlier today I bought essential everyday 1000 sheet per roll four pack at Albs, it was 3.69 then I used the 2.00 off any bathroom tissue catalina making it 1.69.

    Also I used the 1.50 off any breakfast cereal albs cat. Must buy at least $5. Which goes well with the 3 day cereal sale at Albs.

    1.88 Multi-grain cheerios
    1.88 Cookie Crisp
    1.88 Nature Vallery bars X2

    Total 7.52 use 1.50 cat – total 6.02 get back .50 cents nature valley .75 MG cheerios and .50 cookie crisp from saving star.

  • Ro in San Diego says:

    I love this tip!

  • Graci says:

    I have you used this method for paper towels?

  • Rachel says:

    Thank you for the tip, I’ve been wondering how I would know what a good deal is on TP easily. This totally helps.

  • BarstowMom says:

    Last Vons $5 Friday’s I got the Cottonelle for $5, had $3/20 in my Just 4 U account, used MQ’s, got a $5 catalina for buying $20 and submitted for the $3 wyb 3 ibotta rebate. It was one of the greater deals on toilet paper that I’ve gotten in a long time.

  • carly says:

    also even if its a great stock up price, gotta be wary of the quality.sometimesit may break easily and u dont want that! however usu the brands in the matchups are always good, esp the double roll ones.
    thankfully i live on my own and buy tp once every 2-3 months! lol 🙂

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