What Does Blinkie and Peelie Mean?



Ever wonder what people mean when they say “Hangtag” or “Peelie”? I put together a quick guide to how to find these and their meanings…

This is an example of a Hang Tag. Hence the word, it is simply a tag that hangs 🙂

Blinkie-The blinkie machine is called a blinkie because usually it blinks. It may a red light that blinks or something of the sort. It requires that you pull the coupon out of the machine and then it usually spits out another.

Peelie coupons are usually simply taped to the product. Just peel them off 🙂

I absolutely love hunting for blinkie,peelies and hangtags! You usually find really good coupons attached in the store! So next time you are in you favorite store make sure to keep your eyes peeled for these awesome hiding place for coupons.