What do you mean, I have to drink a GALLON of water?


Happy February my friends! I started this month off with a bang– by promising myself that I would drink a gallon of water a day. Ok, I didn’t really think of this myself– I am required to do it as part of the Healthy Solutions Nor Cal program that I talked about last month. The crazy thing is that I actually thought it was going to be easy. uh…. not so much (for me) I love water. I really do. However, I can’t say I’ve been this disciplined with drinking a lot like this.. not even when I was pregnant.


egg whites + arugula and cherry tomatoes


Today is day one of the program and I’ll tell you one thing, I am NOT hungry. We’ve been on a strict diet and are eating 6 times a day. Mostly small portions of veggies and protein (a lot of fish!) and I am really surprised at how satisfied I am. I made a meal from the folder of recipes that they sent me- and they are pretty yummy!

It’s only day one, so I’m feeling pretty ambitious. I’ll let you know how my spirits are on day 14 and so on 😉



I have a great new book I am reading– It’s Hand-Lettering for Everyone and I’m super intimated by it. My handwriting is NOT the best– since I do 95% of my work from the computer, I’ve simply learned to type faster over the years and my handwriting has become more sloppy. I’m slowly going through this book– not trying to complete it anytime soon.


Did I tell you that this year is all about making myself happier? 😉 I found this quote somewhere on the internet and LOVE the meaning of it. Lately, there have been some bad eggs in my life.. and this quote is true. I simply needed to let them go. I’m feeling good about it.. how about you, is there someone (or even something) that sucks the happiness out of you? Honestly, life is too short to do things or have people in your life that don’t have value!


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  • BarstowMom says:

    I easily drink a gallon of water a day. I teach a few fitness classes a day and have karate at night so my body needs it. It’s easier when you label the gallon jug with times of the day also.

  • Kickstart says:

    Really encouraging to see you take a firmer approach to your health. I NEED to! I cannot drink drink very much water, I get easily water intoxication and nausea. Even if it were beer or wine, (LOL), my body doesn’t tolerate large amounts of liquids. I didn’t know this was real, until another girlfriend of mine said she has the same problem. It is easier to drink cool to cold water and only in glass, plastic increases the nausea. If another of your followers has the same issue, you’re not weird! Just try to be consistent and give yourself a goal, definitely not a gallon, but do your best!

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