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How to vacation on a small budget

how to vacation on a small budget

Everyone deserves a break from every day life, but it can be tough to vacation on a small budget.  Some simple steps, ideas and savings plans can make it possible for anyone on any income to set out for a fun vacation away from the daily grind.  While you may not be able to go on a cross country trip, you can still make sure to take down time and spend alone or with your family to reboot and recharge. 

How to vacation on a small budget

Take a staycation.  One of the most popular ways to take a vacation on a pauper’s budget is to do what is called having a staycation.  Instead of booking a hotel and going out of town, you stay in your own home with electronics and regular routines turned off.  You go out in your own home state and look for landmarks, special venues and other fun things to do that you haven’t experienced before and are within driving distance of home.  This keeps your gas and lodging expenses down, and allows you to cook meals at home, pack sandwiches for lunches on the road and even opens your limited budget up to more amusement parks, movies or other entertainment possibilities.

Check out this post on Staycation ideas for many major cities in the United States.

Research free amusement. Every state has something fun to do for free.  From local parks, fishing, lakes and downtown areas to walk around – to the great free entertainment in cities like St. Louis that offer free admission to city museums and the zoo.  The more you take advantage of free amusement, the more your limited budget will stretch.  This is especially good for when you can afford lodging and food, but just not a lot of entertainment.

Go camping. Pack up the camping supplies and find a local to your destination camping destination.  There are many campsites and RV parks that rent out spots for as low as $12-$15 per night.  From tent camping at some to KOA cabin camping you can easily “rough it” a bit and save money.  There are many KOA campgrounds that have cabins for camping at super low rates.  You are responsible for your own bedding, groceries and such, but the expenses are so much lower that you can manage more on your vacation.

Pack your own groceries for meals.  Even if you stay in a hotel room on your vacation, packing your own groceries can save hundreds of dollars.  Most motels and hotels have refrigerators and microwaves in rooms these days.  Bringing a cooler with things like lunch meat, cheese, yogurt and fresh fruit along with drinks, bread, chips and simple breakfasts like granola bars and cereal can save you lunch and breakfast expenses. 

Planning ahead and looking for alternatives to what are traditional vacation venues and lodging can make it easy for you to afford to take a vacation on a pauper’s budget with your family this year.

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