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Toddler Pillow

toddler pillow
Find out when is the perfect moment to introduce pillows into your child's life and check out which is the best toddler pillow you can find.

Ideal Toddler Pillow

The use of a toddler pillow is a controversial topic that touches on important elements such as our children’s safety and life. We will see here when it is advisable to use them.

Pillows and Babies Don’t Go Together

For adults, pillows represent an element of comfort. And because we love our children, we want them to enjoy that comfort. But experts don’t recommend that babies use them. It is necessary to wait until they are between 18 and 24 months old.

The reasons lie in the child’s comfort that he should sleep with nothing under his head due to his body’s dimensions. The truth is that they do not need to sleep with pillows, as they force them to strain the natural curvature of their neck.

It is not advisable to use them to protect the child since risks such as suffocation and sudden death must be avoided. As it is known, they move in their sleep, and their little face could sink into the pillow; they could inhale carbon dioxide produced by their breathing, and this is sadly fatal.

We recommend you the baby sleeps in a crib without pillows, comforters, or even toys, especially if they are of a soft consistency. We must consider that babies feel overwhelmed with many things in their cribs. So for their safety and comfort, you should not overcrowd their space.

When Can Our Baby Use Pillows?

Following experts’ advice, pillows should be incorporated into our babies’ lives when they reach eighteen or twenty-four months. The ideal is not to use them with babies, as they’re not necessary; therefore, it’s unnecessary to run that risk. The important thing is always to prevent any threatening situation for our child. If our babies require for some reason to be tilted, it would simply be appropriate to raise the mattress a little bit on the side where their head is located. This way, the objective is achieved without having an accident to regret.

When our children are eighteen months old or older, a pillow that is too flat and soft can be introduced. It should cover the entire width of the bed. This way, we can prevent the bed from moving and our baby from being threatened. The important thing is that, ideally, the baby’s head should be neither too high nor too tilted.

So in the first year of life, it’s better to decide on object-free cribs. This measure can be maintained until the baby can turn over safely.

Obviously, when our children are awake, and we are in their room, their crib can have toys and pillows with beautiful colors and designs on the mattress, always away from them. When our child goes to sleep, immediately, his crib should be deserted; he should be the only one ruling his space.

The ideal is to introduce a toddler pillow in our baby’s life when the time comes for the transition from the crib to the bed. As we know, by the time this happens, he is old enough for their use to be a pleasure for him and not a worry for us.

The truth is that babies don’t need pillows. Not even we adults need one to fall asleep. But they do give us incredible comfort. At least for some of us, they are indispensable to rest.

Are Anti-reflux Pillows Risky?

It’s worrying that our baby suffers from reflux. To contribute to this problem, people created specific cushions for babies. These cushions’ wedge shape considerably helps our children lie on a plane with a certain inclination. Thus, their head is higher than the rest of the body.

These pillows are also not recommended for reasons concerning our baby’s safety. The risk is not worth it. It would be necessary to look for other safer solutions to alleviate our baby’s ailment. Even you can find experts pointing out that it is not advisable to put the baby to bed in the inclined position. So in the face of such diverse opinions, it’s best to decide not to use them while our child is a baby.

When do Children Need to Sleep With a Pillow?

Everything seems to point out that when children’s shoulders are wider than their heads, their heads can get hung up if they sleep on their sides. This can occur around the age of two or three. So that is the appropriate time to introduce the toddler pillow into our beloved children’s lives.

As we have seen, what seems like a trivial issue is of great importance because it is about taking care of our baby’s life.

We consider that everything depends on the conditions of each child. As we have already mentioned, it’s best to incorporate pillows from the age of eighteen months onwards.

If you want to buy pillows for your kid, you can look at some of the options that I present below.

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Best Toddler Pillow

There are different proposals of beautiful pillows in the market that have attractive designs and sizes. No matter which you choose, the most crucial thing is to consider the elements that we have presented here regarding pillows for toddlers.

Nestl Bedding Children’s Sleeping Pillows

Nestl Bedding offers a set of two children’s sleeping pillows. They measure 13×18 inches. Made of organic cotton with a polyester filling they have the advantage that they are hypoallergenic; this ensures that our children do not suffer from allergies. They are really comfortable. They are machine washable, which offers us the ease we need for their hygiene.

Click HERE for more details.

Nestl Bedding Children's Sleeping Pillows
Photo from Amazon

Nestl Bedding Cooling Pillow

Another option we find in the market is Nestl Bedding. This pillow offers us a package containing an interesting cooling pillow. It has been designed for children from one to two years old, which filling material is Memory Foam. This elegant white pillow offers our children cool nights since it is made with cooling fibers.

The Nestl Cool gel pillow regulates body temperature, which can ensure that our child sleeps through the night. It has adjustable padding, so its height can be adjusted. You can wash them in the machine.

You can find more information about this pillow HERE.

Nestl Bedding Cooling
Photo from Amazon

Clara Clark – Infant Pillow for Baby Beds

This toddler pillow is 100% cotton. Filled with hypoallergenic polyester fiber, this is a basic, fluffy and comfortable pillow. It has a delicate striped design in white. Machine washable. This pillow is perfect for your children, as he’ll be comfy all night.

Click on this LINK for more information.

Clara Clark - Infant Pillow for Baby Beds
Photo from Amazon

Baby Works – Infant Pillow With Cover

This white pillow for toddlers has viscoelastic foam. It has the characteristic of being soft and provides good support to the baby’s head, shoulders, and spine. This pillow is made with 60% Rayon from Bamboo, 40% Polyester. The bamboo fibers provide freshness, which allows our little ones to rest very well. It is breathable. Besides, it’s durable and machine washable. Perfect for home and travel use.

Click on this LINK for more details.

Baby Works - Infant Pillow With Cover
Photo from Amazon

Woolino-Woolino Pillow for Children

It has the characteristic of being totally natural. It was designed for children from one to two years old. It’s 100% cotton. Wool is a natural fireproof fiber. It does not contain polyester. It is odor and static-resistant.

Among some of its most outstanding features is that it is free of chemicals and harmful substances. It can be used all year round. It’s comfortable, which ensures that our child’s sleep is restful. It can be machine washed.

Click HERE, and you will find more information. 

Woolino-Woolino Pillow for Children
Photo from Amazon

Organic Comfort Market-Camel Wool Sleeping Pillow With Pillowcase

Its filling is adjustable, which allows us to remove the wool to make it flatter; then, you can put it back when the baby has grown. It regulates the temperature according to our needs. If your child sweats at night, this pillow is your solution.

They are hypoallergenic. They can be machine washed with soap and water. However, you can not use a dryer, and it must dry naturally, taking advantage of the air. It can also be dry cleaned and has a 100% camel wool filling with no synthetic content. It is ideal for travel. The pillow is beige, and its cover is white. In short, this pillow is a good alternative for our children, as they are non-toxic. It meets all the demands we make as mothers.

Click HERE, so you can have more information about this pillow for toddlers.

Organic Comfort Market-Camel Wool Sleeping Pillow With Pillowcase
Photo from Amazon

Choose the Best for Your Kid’s Needs

As we have seen, pillows cannot be used with a baby because of the risks involved; but they are a safe and comfortable alternative when our children are older. They are also a nice decoration detail. Choose the one that suits your tastes, that of our children, and above all, we must always consider their safety.

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