The Power of 24 hours


Just thought I’d bring this back as a reminder (and something I struggle with!)

waiting. I admit that I absolutely hate waiting. I especially hate waiting when I feel like something is a good deal and it might not be there tomorrow. I am one of those “emotional” decision makers… and I get upset when I can’t just say yes to what it is that I want.

Have you ever purchased something(big or small) and felt buyer’s remorse? So bad, that you feel regret for buying it? Even though I strive to save money–there are times that I want to buy something–especially if I feel I’ve worked hard and earned it.

After many emotion-induced splurges.. I implemented the 24 hour rule into my families financial decisions and I’m so glad that I did! No more regret at the end of the day. No more emotion putting me into debt.

There is such power behind waiting 24 hours and sleeping on the newest “splurge”. You will let your emotion settle and then you can go over in your head the REAL reasons why you need this… you may just find you have convinced yourself that you DON’T need it or can go without for a bit longer.

So next time you have that moment where you feel you absolutely need something, give yourself 24 hours. You might even save yourself some money! 😉

Are you guilty of emotional spending?

  • samantha says:

    Yes, but I save receipts for everything. Just in case. 24 hours would probably make me more anxious to have something, instead of making me think. If I buy it, and it satisfied the impulse, maybe I will love it or hate it. I don’t really make expensive impulse buys either(new purse, shoes, etc.) There are some things that I really should get, because I need them, and I have to talk myself into it, instead of out of it. For example, I lost weight last year but didn’t really get new clothes. My DH asked me what my shorts (from my pjs) were trying to achieve. They are a size too big but are my only pair to wear when it’s hot. He asked why I don’t just get new ones. I told him no one would ever see them and I also haven’t found any on a sale good enough to buy.I think it’s a mom thing. 10 years ago I never would have thought twice, but now I think of what else the money “could” go to.

  • catina says:

    Great tip and will totally put it to use. Recently I bought a pair of shoes that I didn’t “need” and ended up having to waste gas driving them back to the mall. Had I waited 24 hours I could have saved time, money and a little gas!

  • jesicaLB says:

    All the time..but I just suck it up. I like my cvs too much. Return =lost profit so I just suck it up say lesson learn ….what do u do?

  • SLNY says:

    I’m an emotional shopper. I often see things and will either buy it right away or will put it back with regret. I usually walk around the store for awhile with the item to think about it. But, I have incorporated a new system for myself. Does the item fall under 1 of these 3 categories: a) Do you love? b) Do you need? c) will you use/will it last? If it doesn’t fall under those I don’t get it. Usually the will you use/will it last refers to clothes. I have tons of clothes that I thought were cute and they have been sitting in my closet for months-years with the tag still on it. I keep saying I’ll wear it to this or that and never do. Or I don’t have anything match with the clothing item and I say I’ll find something later to go with it.

  • BarstowMom says:

    I had one just today. I live in a small town with few options so I had the local flower shop order Disney’s frozen balloons for my daughter’s bday party. Today while I was in Stater Bros. They had the same balloons for so much cheaper.

  • Kc says:

    Weve been using the 24 rule for years b/c my husband will listen to sales people & will want it right then & there b/c the sales guy “hooked him up” w/ the deal… he is awful w/ salesmen who come to the house… he once buy a vaccum & carpet shampooer for $1500.00 – so now he & i both wait…

  • JG says:

    The 24 hour rule sounds like a good idea! I also use a cash envelope system, so the money I have to spend on any category is pre-determined. When it comes to shopping, I weigh how much I want it with how much money is left in the envelope for that category, and what else I may need to buy from that category before my next paycheck. I also try to challenge myself to have money left over in the envelopes by the time the next paycheck rolls around (that means more money to put into savings!)…couponing has made this possible!!! Thank you for all the great couponing information, Josie!

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