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Prevent Stretch Marks During Pregnancy

Preventing Stretch Marks During Pregnancy

So many changes occur following delivery; freedom, responsibilities, sleep-time, etc. You’ll also experience several physical changes. For most women, chief among them, is the stretch marks. Usually, the skin adjusts to stimuli and body size changes. However, your body size rapidly changes when you are pregnant that your skin has minimal time to adjust. Thus, … Read more

Get Free Baby Products With Babylist- Hello Baby Box

Get Free Baby Products With Babylist (Hello Baby Box)

Pregnancy is tough, and the first few weeks after giving birth are even harder. So Babylist is here to help you and your whole family out. It’s a handy application that can smooth things over. What can Babylist be used for? The main purpose of the Babylist program is to make a registry for you. You … Read more