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Here is What You Didn’t Know About Coupons

Over the course of my couponing career– I’ve heard PLENTY of reasons WHY a person will object to couponing. Yes, sometimes coupons are terribly small in value (I mean, $0.25 is pretty discouraging for someone who has never used them before) but what most people don’t do.. is take the time to understand that it’s … Read more

Ways to Save Money While Visiting Southern California

You can never go wrong with a few savings tactics! These great ways to save money on Southern California travel destinations will make your next big family vacation totally affordable and within budget.  From a weekend getaway to a week long adventure, you can save tons of money using some of these great tips. Continue … Read more

Learn How to Use WIC Coupons in California

For many families, the ability to enjoy the benefits of the Women, Infants and Children’s supplemental food program means the difference between having enough formula or milk to drink each month.  This program better known as WIC is a great grant sponsored method of helping lower-income families stretch their budget and maintain good health.  Learning How To … Read more