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Couponing in California: Understanding Coupon Match-ups

If you are new to couponing–you may have encountered the weekly coupon match-ups. Being thrown into the couponing world there tends to be a ton of new things that you have no idea what they are! I’ve created a informative post for all the newbies (and the ones that aren’t new!) to help you better … Read more

Couponing in Caifornia: Tips and Tricks of Coupon Organization (Part 1)

New to Couponing in California? Welcome to a New Series here on Southern Cali Saver. If you are just joining us, feel free to take a look back at how to begin Couponing in California: Coupons, Coupons, Coupons! Where to Find Coupons Part 2 Learn the Language Understanding Coupon Match Ups Today we are going … Read more