Summer Activities that Cool You Down #SavorSweetRewards

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Summer Activities that Cool You Down

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Summer block party: Welcome summer and the warmer months by hosting a great block party in your neighborhood. Arrange a weekend everyone is available and have fun outside with sidewalk chalk, sprinklers to stay cool, grilled burgers and hot dogs, as well as your favorite Magnum ice cream, treat. Grab a large cooler and load with ice to keep everything chilled while your friends and neighbors gather. It’s a great time to get to know each other while enjoying your favorite treats.

Pool party for the kids: Moms can gather together for a few hours of relaxation poolside while the kids have fun in the sun. Gather up pool toys and flotation devices, and of course, a box or two of your favorite Magnum ice cream treats. Serve up easy to eat finger foods alongside ice cream treats to keep kids happy while they go in and out of the pool. Don’t forget the sunscreen and plenty of water to stay hydrated!

Fun in the sprinklers: Sprinklers are a great solution if you don’t have space for a pool in your yard. There are tons of great options for sprinklers that are ideal for kids and adults to play in. Have fun running through the sprinklers with your kids! Take a break to enjoy an ice cream treat to stay cool while having fun with your family.

At home drive in movie: After the sun goes down, set up a projector against a wall of your house and create an at home drive in movie. Load up the back of your truck with blankets and pillows. Pop some popcorn, grab the Magnum ice cream treats and have fun watching a favorite summer blockbuster in comfort.

These summer activities are ideal for keeping you and your kids cool. Not only will you be having fun, but you’ll also get a chance to enjoy some delicious treats that will help you create wonderful memories as a family.

Sponsored post by Mirum Shopper. All opinions are my own