How to Stop Feeling Guilty About “Screen Time”

Back to school is here and while I miss spending time with my littles– they are making so many new friends at school! Nikoli just started 1st grade (and going on 17! HA!), Jaiden is in 3rd and Micah is in the big 7th! with my boys  getting older  the pressure of how much “screen time” is really becoming an issue. I don’t want to be the mom who is always counting down the minutes to how long they have been using their tablets. I also don’t want to be the mom that lets them sit on them until bed time!

I’ve been on the look out for something that is educational AND fun that also doesn’t cost a fortune. The two younger kids actually have tablets at school that allow them to learn from so, the need for them to have them at home really is just natural. I don’t want to restrict them from learning; especially since the world as we know it is so tech-savvy. Snip20160907_10

When I found out about Amazon Underground — I got super curious. Amazon Underground can only be accessed on Android or Fire Tablets and because since my boys all got Fire Tablets for Christmas– this was perfect!


Amazon Underground promises over 3000 FREE apps and games when you download from Amazon Underground on your Amazon Fire tablet or Android smartphone. 300 of those apps and games are educational — which means you don’t need to feel bad when allowing your kiddos to have screen time. 😉 Not only are these apps free– they are 100% free, which means no annoying “buy coins” to upgrade the game and you don’t need to worry about your kiddos making those in-app purchases. 😀

We have implemented 30 minutes of “free” screen time– which means, they can play whatever they want during those 30 minutes. After that, they are restricted to only educational games through Amazon. Nikoli loves playing Dr. Panda Art Class and I don’t have to feel so bad about letting him do it!


Micah my under guy, loves using the Flashcard machine to practice for math tests and spelling tests. You can literally add flashcards for whatever you need help studying and its so easy! You can learn more about Amazon Underground and check out all the awesomeness they have to offer HERE.

So, I’ve stopped worrying about “screen time” what about you?? Do you feel screen time is okay if they are learning?

I was selected for this opportunity as a member of Clever Girls and the content and opinions expressed here are all my own.

  • Emma says:

    Josie thanks for this.. I just saw this on my daughters Fire today when I was setting up parental controls (finally) after she had applied for a credit card and signed me up for Amazon prime.. She’s 8 . I’ll have to go back and check it out!!

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