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Starting Over, Reinventing Yourself And Taking Risks.Read on

It’s been a couple of months since I’ve given y’all a life update. Believe it or not, a lot has been going on in the Kapetsonis household. As if buying a home wasn’t enough–recently, George was faced with a major career change.  As you know, George has been a chef is entire working career. He is very passionate about his career and was even featured on TLC’s “Chef Wanted”! I honestly never thought George would be anything else. He is good at what he does and food is his life.

In February, he went into partnership with a manufacturer of e-liquids “Mr. Good Vape” and is currently the CEO. He has worked with Mr Good Vape for about 2 years time,making e-liquids for them and was presented with a partner opportunity earlier this year and decided to take a risk ,quits his position at Harrahs to pursue this new career!

Career wise, this man blows my mind. He is SO passionate about everything he does and isn’t afraid of failure or  taking risk. I’m sure some of you people might know that there is failure controversy spreading with the vaping industry–however, we feel pretty certain that vaping is here to stay and feel positive that people will see it.

While all of this is happening, I can’t help but to think about how I’ve been  taking risks and reinventing myself. Lately, I’ve been reaching in different life directions– I’ve grown a love for finance. Retirement and investing risks. While I have loved talking about how to save money with coupons and sales– I’ve been wanting MORE. So, I’ve been reading a lot of books and have been implementing more investments into our savings plans.

As an individual, I feel that growing is best–otherwise, you get comfortable,instill fear and are never taking risks or challenging yourself.. I’m a learner. I’ve always loved to learn. I really feel like it’s time to do more and take more risks! I feel like our family is thriving so much lately. We are happy, healthy, no fear of uncertainty and growing. I’m so thankful for these life challenges we have faced. If not, we wouldn’t be where we are now.

How are you growing? Has your family life been through any major changes? Are you taking risks?

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10 thoughts on “Starting Over, Reinventing Yourself And Taking Risks.Read on”

  1. I had to go to Wikipedia to figure out what vaping is. I’ve never been a smoker so this new smoking option is totally a foreign concept to me. I’d never heard of it but then again I don’t know any smokers. It seems like it’s a good alternative to smoking regular cigarettes!! Anyways, I wish your husband the best!!! It’s very brave of him to start a new career. 🙂

  2. Hi Josie! I’m so impressed with you for embracing change! It’s scary, but sooo worth it!

    Six months ago, I went back to work part-time. Then I took two classes (just for fun-lol) at the local cc. And just a few days ago, I decided to start the process of getting my master’s degree in library science!

    My older daughter is graduating from high school next week and my younger daughter is just three years behind. Now is the time to set up my future for when they’re both out of the house! I’m terrified of the empty nest, so it’s up to me to make sure that my future has a focus besides my children.

    Good luck to you and your fam!!


    • Thanks Kate. It’s definitely a hard process to realize that your “babies” don’t need you anymore! And congrats on going back to school– You are my idol!

  3. Thanks Josie,

    You are such a motivating woman. Thanks for sharing. This was a true eye opener for me. I am trying to read more so that I can be a better person for myself and family. I wish you and your family much success. I read this quote this morning and wanted to share with you. “When you face difficult times, know that challenges are not sent to destroy you. They’re sent to promote, increase and strengthen you.” ~ Joel Osteen.

  4. Even though change may be hard, it may just be the best thing for you. I was laid off my job late last year (with a very decent severance package thank god!). I then decided that I wanted a career change, so I too went back to school this semester, and am loving it! Financially it has been a struggle as I am only working part time as a consultant in my previous line of work, but my daughter has been so supportive of me (she is 14) and of the choice that I have made. She is learning that we have to make choices about what we need vs. what we want in order to attain the goals that we (I) have set for our (my) future. I know that only good can come of the choice that I have made for myself.

  5. I applaud change, but I am disappointed to hear of anyone promoting vaping. There is concerns that vaping is harmful. Inhaling flavored vapors into your lungs may cause all kinds of problems. I do think that maybe it can be a good transition for someone trying to quit smoking all together, but vaping is becoming popular amongst teenagers. It is being promoted to teenagers. That is why they have flavors like green apple and watermelon. It is mostly unregulated. Teens are also using the devices to smoke marijuana, since it does not release telltale smoke. I think it is wonderful Josie that you have decided to take a more holistic approach to your life. But getting into the vaping industry I think is tragic!

    • To avoid a debate– I will tell you that everything in a Vaping liquid are things that you can EAT (besides nicotine) and soda is actually more dangerous to your health. 🙂 George makes the eliquid and can tell you every component in the eliquid! (Believe it or not, there are only 4 things that make up a eliquid) Sadly, a lot of what you see on the internet and TV is propaganda that is being spread by Big tobacco. Big Tobacco is threatened by small vaping companies because people aren’t smoking anymore.. they are losing customers and money, so they create lies to scare people. The truth is, Vaping is not being promoted to teenagers.. teenagers are curious and see a trend. Just like any other trend, they will explore it. However, you must be 18 to buy eliquid… and just like anything else, there may not be honest stores out there and aren’t checking id’s. I agree that it is unregulated.. however, cigarettes were around years and years before they were regulated as well. Feel free to email me tracy.. and we can talk! 🙂 I love educating people on the truth!


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