Southern Cali Saver Stock Up Price Guide {Print!}

Ever wondered what a good stock up price is? As new deal seekers, you may still be working out your “rock bottom” price list. Here is a simple tool you can print that should help you determine the best price for your stock up. 

I’ve updated the Stock Up Price Guide  and made it a little more detailed! I’ve also added many items and have included the Regular price of most items and a “Good” price column in addition to a “stock up price”.

Please note, everyone has different stock up prices. Some may be ok with paying more per box on cereal and that is OK. This is only meant to be a guide. Be sure to print out the Stock Up Price Guide and add it to your Binder!

  • KC says:

    Thanks for sharing your list!!!

  • liz says:

    LOVE THIS!!!

  • Jessica says:

    Awesome!! Thanks Josie, this is going in the front of my binder =)

  • Jul D says:

    You are awesome!!! Thanks!!!

  • Jessica says:

    Thank you so much Josie….this is really helpful 🙂

  • Couponguy says:

    Cool! Thanks!

  • Heidi Kristall says:

    Love it Josie! So helpful! Anyway to rearrange it in the same order as your match up guides?

  • ChipL955 says:

    This is a terrific help, and that’s coming from a long-time experienced couponer. Thank you so much, Josie!

  • EES says:

    Thanks for the list! Is there a way to edit it (myself) so I can remove things I don’t care about? I thought maybe if I downloaded it but it seems to be fixed then as well. Also, for Laundry Detergent, it just has a price–no ounces or # of loads or anything. Would you be able to elaborate on that? Thanks!

    • Josie says:

      Sorry EES, this is a PDF that is not editable. However, you can make your own list and use this as a guide to get you started. When I thought about making a list based on ounce size I realized that unless you use exactly that amount PER load then the price per load would not be accurate.

      I decided to just stick to a “per bottle” price to make it easier. Hope that helps!

      • EES says:

        I have another question. I just started tracking the Charmin. I’ve been buying it at Costco forever. The price there is basically $.20/roll (per single roll 96 rolls for $19 after the $2 off coupon there). The price this week at VONS is $10.99 and it is for 60 rolls which is only $.18/roll which is less than the $.50/double roll price which is your stockup price, right? I think the VONS is so cheap this week because the package has “extra bonus rolls” in it (20% more free or something) but I wanted to double check that this is a pretty good deal, right? Thakns!

    • Raquel says:

      Thanks for the list, this is a big help for reference. I converted it to a DOC file as I have the full version of Acrobat so I can customize it according to my need.

  • Cyrise says:

    thanks so much!

  • MissBlair says:

    Hello, I am new to couponing! I just started putting my binder together and have gone on a couple shopping trips and have been able to save an ok amount of money. My question is, I have a 6 month old baby girl and my husband is only getting days of work a week so I am the provider, I have been trying to find a good deal on diapers and I see your stock up price, how often does that come along? It seems impossible for me to save that much and it can be so overwhelming but it is so worth it if I can help out the family!

  • Ronni says:

    This list is VERY, VERY helpful – thank you so very much for sharing! Sometimes it’s hard following other coupon/saving sites in other parts of the country, just because here in So. Cal there’s no way for us o ever get things as cheap as a large part of the rest of the country. So this is incredibly helpful to know what is a good price for this area. I am definitely printing this out and hanging it someplace very obvious to reference often. I’m also going to pin it for others to find too. 🙂

  • Akilev says:

    Hi Josie, would you be able to add items that we can usually get for FREE?

    I’m from the Philippines and only visited L.A. for the Thanksgiving weekend. I maximized the time I was there to use as much coupons as I can =)

    I’m planning to visit again early 2016 and I’m studying/planning my couponing as early as now =)

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