Sorry honey, I can’t be frugal this month

frugal this month


Have you ever had one of those weeks (or month) when you feel like you’ve spent too much money? Or everyone is trying to get money from you somehow?

Our family tries to be as frugal as possible.. We budget and save money using coupons. We build our savings and strive to live on less. This month, I have to say–sorry honey I can’t be frugal.

Why? because it just seems that everything is working against us.

I’ll be truthful here.. This month has been brutal:

  • We just found out that we owe quite a bit of money to the IRS (we own a business and are required to fill taxes by 3/15)
  • I got into a accident and have to pay a $500 deductible.
  • We have THREE birthdays this month– which just so happen to be one day after the other.
  • Just got a new property tax bill (special assessment bill that was made after we bought our house)

and don’t forget everyday living bills!

Even though we try to live as frugal as possible– the truth us,  I sometimes end up going to the store without coupons, paying too much for Toilet paper or spending $6 for a pack of Hebrew National hotdogs (yes, that happen) 

I guess my point is, even though there are bad months where it is hard to be frugal — I feel blessed that we are even able to afford the things that we can. While bills might pile up, we are grateful to be able to pay them. All because we were frugal most of the time and always watched where our money was going.

So, take a break. It’s okay if you can’t be frugal this month. 🙂

  • haz says:

    Property taxes CAN KILL YOU! When we bought our first house we were oblivious to MELLO ROO’S. Our taxes are more like over 2%. It’s just horrible and who knows when the MELLO ROO’S ends, I heard they last 30 years. My husbands checks are now $30 a payday less because of obamacare and the government takes more of our money every year since they raised the SS tax. Middle class gets SLAMMED by the government. We did refinance our car so brought down our car payment to $135 instead of $400 a month with USAA.COM bank and they only charged us 5.9% interest. It’s seems every time you save money here to get slammed somewhere else. I also brought down our Direct TV bill by $50 a month just by telling them I’m going to cancel a go to cable.

    • April says:

      Hi Josie
      How did you refinance your car? We are paying about $420 a month and it is more than we like too spend expecially since we are trying too buy a house and add the house payment plus a big car payment. Pretty tight. Thanks for your help

    • Harry Martin says:

      The middle class does not get slammed by government. Most times it is attributable to a GOP-led Congress. For example, you cite the recent increase in FICA taxes in 2013.

      “On Jan. 1, 2013, Congress passed the American Taxpayer Relief Act of 2012, signed into law the following day. The legislation did not extend a 2 percent temporary payroll tax cut in effect since 2011, and so increased from 4.2 percent to 6.2 percent the Social Security FICA employee tax on the first $113,700 of wages.”

      Who has led the House since 2010? The GOP.

      Your comment had a somewhat Fox News feel to it, so I thought I would point out some facts.

      • Shannon says:

        Actually, Congress is the government – at least one branch of it – no matter which party is in control. Just a fact for you to think about :o)

        I know the media keeps touting that we are in a recovery, but the truth is there are many people who are struggling and feel the pinch from taxes. And like Josie’s post mentioned, sometimes we get the squeeze from life events we never see coming or have no control over.

        Let’s support each other and lift each other up! No need to turn things into political debates when it is not necessary!

      • Dawna says:

        You need a Civics Lesson. Congress is made up of both the House and the Senate. Any Bill passed by the House has to be also be passed by the Senate and then also signed by the President in order to become law. So, yes, the House has been majority of GOP since January 2011 (pursuant to 2010 election). But the Senate was in control of Dems from 2007 to 2014 and we’ve had a Democrat President continuously since 2009. So the Bill that passed in January 2013 was passed by a GOP House, a Dem Senate and a Dem President – so it was 2/3 due to Dems and only 1/3 GOP. When the bipartisan bill was passed to lower Social Security Tax by 2% in the first place – it was specifically designed to be a one year cut only. The bi-partisan Congress and President extended it one more year, but not for a third year. So we got a tax cut for one extra year – thanks to a GOP House and Dem Senate and Dem President. Continuing the tax cut would put the already struggling Social Security fund into even worse shape.

  • terri says:

    Love you Josie! Big hugs to you and your family. Thanks for sharing!!!

  • Tisha says:

    Josie, the same property tax got us when we bought our house..if you have your monthly mortgage set up with a impound account you can ask your mortgage lender to pull money from the account to pay it for you. They did it for me and saved us thousands. Hope that helps. Good luck.

  • marky says:

    I know what you mean Josie. Somethin’ always coming up. But in the long run we’ve saved more than we lost.

  • Jessica says:

    I know what you mean, we had a small savings left at the end of last year of 1000 and then the fuel pump on my husbands truck went out and cost us 600 =P. And what was left of the savings helped us survive through christmas since hubby lost his job. Now we are starting all over again. Thanks for sharing your story Josie.

  • Pebbbles says:

    Facts are Facts…..Harry, as someone who knows the facts, was pointing out a fallacy. Ignorance is not bliss. It hurts society as a whole when you spread untruths. SS tax has been 6.2% for almost 25 years….Fact.

    Josie does a great job trying to educate people on ways to save money. But it is our education system that has failed to educate people on finances. Fully 90% of people cannot answer basic financial questions correctly……..which can lead to a very un-blissfu life and financial ruin ie. housing crises and stock market crash of the last decade.

    I welcome you to build me up, but build me up with knowledge and then I will have power over my finances. Do not burden me with lies.

  • SLNY says:

    Thanks for sharing, Josie! I feel your pain. I had several of my yearly bills(new paper, AAA, Costco, Tags +Smog) hit the same time as my Son’s Birthday party,my brakes (front and back) needing to be replaced, new battery, rent increase and a emergency room bill all within 30 days. I thought I was going pull my hair out. Don’t even get me started on the taxes and medical insurance.

  • HAZ says:

    If you’re among the estimated 10 million Americans who earn more than $100,000 per year, you’ll fork over a bigger slice of your paycheck to Social Security and Medicare taxes in 2014. FACTS PEBBLES! LOL FACTS!

  • HAZ says:

    the “CAP” has been RAISED @ pepples LOL DUH! So even if your % rate has never changed, THE CAP HAS. LOL duh!

  • Pebbbles says:

    Haz, I am sorry I made you so angry.. You are being snide and rude while not stating facts. Yes, the cap on SS has been raised…not what your first post said but thats okay. The SS taxable wage base for 2015 is $118,500 but the percentage 6.2% remains unchanged. There has not been a cap on Medicare tax for quite some time and in fact there is a supplement now for high earners of .09%.

    As your income exceeds $118,500 your slice of taxes will actually decrees as you are no longer paying 6.2% of your income into SS system. Will your total taxes paid in be higher than someone who only makes $50,000, absolutely. But as a percentage of total income it will start dropping above $118,500. (so as not to be misunderstood again, I am merely talking about SS & Medicare tax).

    Lashing out, in ALL CAPS with LOL and DUH, as you have against me, when I was responding to Shannon shows your not ready to have this conversation. But it looks like you did some research and gained some knowledge…so Kudos to you for trying to find the maxes and the percentages….keep up the learning…knowledge is power!

  • Cressa says:

    I can feel your pain. We just started budgeting this year and I was so proud of our small but growing savings account. Then my husband’s car died this weekend and though we managed to fix it, my entire savings had to be used to pay for it. I was glad that we had the $ to pay for the car but was really sad to see that $$ go.

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