How you DO NOT shop at Ikea….


My Husband and I have been planning a trip to Ikea for a week. I need a new desk for my office and our bedroom… Well, here is our conversation before we head out to Ikea:

  • George: “You want to take the Jetta, we can save some gas (Ikea is about 1 hour from us– we also have a Suburban.)
  • Josie “Oh ya, that is a good idea”

We had a pleasant drive to Ikea went all the way there–picked out everything and some other great trinkets. (Darn you Ikea!) As we head out of Ikea.. we look at the 8 boxes we have and both realized that we probably just made the most stupid mistake ever… (I’m sure I don’t need to tell you)


Long Story short– we were able to fit everything in the car. Truck WIDE open but we made it.

  • lovinmycoupons says:

    lucky you didn’t get pulled over in that one hour drive home w/the trunk open!

  • Joan says:

    I love IKEA too. Looks like you had a fun shopping trip! 🙂

  • Julie says:

    Lol. We always say let’s go to ikea and then realize we have no way of getting anything home in our car except maybe a few toss pillows

  • Sarah says:

    I once drove home with an Ektorp chair tied on the roof of my Saturn! It was a deal in the ‘As Is’ section that I couldn’t refuse!

  • SChavez says:

    We were able to “fit” a sofa bed in our Explorer. My husband had some ropes in the car so it helped to keep the trunk “closed” It was a stressful drive home, all I could think was that sofa sliding out of the car and causing accidents. It was such a good deal, we could not pass on it 🙂

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