Saving Challenge Update #3

savings challenge


At the beginning of the month, I challenged our family to 3 month savings challenge — A couple of weeks ago, we did some contemplating about getting rid of our iphones and haven’t done much more thinking about it. Last week was just a super busy week for us but I plan to get back to bugging my husband about the phone situation this week. 🙂


Here is what we saved last week:

Total Savings $253.42!



We’ve been busy busy with building a area for our veggie garden (which will eventually have a door) and can’t wait to get started with planting!



How much have you been able to save so far?

  • Pam T says:

    I am exciting about your garden!! and I smiled when I read ‘door’. Gate? What are you planning to grow? Are the kids looking forward to growing their own veggies? You could plant some fruit trees on that slope. Citrus, avocado… This is actually a good time to plant them.

  • Crystle says:

    This year I started doing the savings plan I saw on Pinterest. Every week you add to your savings account. Week one $2. Week two $4 and so on. So far it’s working pretty good. I think by summer (half way) I am going to switch to week 52 and work backwards. Just cause a few hundred to save during December might be really tough.

  • Kimmie says:

    I want to hear more about the cell phones. I just got laid off and my work pays for my cell. My man has Verizon and not in contract, so we can go anywhere. Who has best rates as will do a family try plan together. He never uses very little data, me MUCH MORE. THANKS JOSIE

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