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How We Found Ways to Save Money. 50% Off on Water Bill

Water is one of life’s necessities but if you use too much, it can be a real strain on your budget. Ideally, we could all keep our water bill under $20.00/mo, but with kids, laundry, pets and more it can be really hard to do. If your water bill is too high, there are a few things that you can do to try and cut that cost down a bit. Some of these tips will be a bit too much for some folks, but for those that are really looking to lower their water bill, they’ll be a great place to start. Let us show you some great ways to save money. 

One of the biggest costs to your water bill is waste. In our town, we pay a sewage bill that will cost me almost exactly what my water usage costs. To cut down on this waste water, we’ve installed catchment systems under one side of our kitchen sink. (read more about that here–with info to rebates if you choose to do it yourself!) 

These buckets catch what is known as grey water; or water that would normally go down the drain. 90% of the time, this water is clean and perfectly usable. Instead of using fresh water to do things like flush the toilet, mop the floors, water plants or even wash the car. We only use that particular side of the sink for things that shouldn’t result in a messy water so that there is no soap residue in the water. Never use grey water that has soap residue to water plants because the soap could easily harm them.

Another great way to get your water bill down is to stop using your dishwasher. You’ll use much less electricity and water by just filling up the sink and hand washing. When we stopped using the dishwasher, our water bill dropped by almost $10.00 per month. For me? The convenience is not worth $120.00 per year.

One final thing you can do to help is to start timing showers. 15 minute showers are more than enough time for everyone to do everything that needs done and to and have a few minutes to just soak up the hot water. For shaving, use the sink and fill it with water instead of letting the water run or turning it on and off.

By doing just these 3 simple steps, you can see a pretty significant difference in your water bill each month. Ours dropped by more than $35.00 a month because we were not only using less water, but we were being charged less in sewage costs as well.

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4 thoughts on “How We Found Ways to Save Money. 50% Off on Water Bill”

  1. Several studies that actually measured the actual water and energy usage show that using the dishwasher, run when it is full and properly loaded, costs less than handwashing and results in cleaner dishes with fewer germs since the dishwasher heats the water to a temperature that sanitizes- hotter than hands can stand.

    • I would have to agree on this one especially nowadays if you have a newer dishwasher. Newer dishwashers are more energy and water efficient due to stricter guidelines, so you’ll definitely have to check the yellow energy tag and instruction manual of your dishwasher to compare with your habits to be sure. At the bare minimum my dishwasher uses only 4 gallons of water (more if I add other options for heavily soiled loads), so I can’t beat that with hand washing (especially when I always fully load my dishwasher).

  2. Thanks for the tips! I wish it make a difference for me. I live is an apartment and we have a flat set rate for our water and trash/sewer every month.

    • Same here. We have a four unit complex where the water bill is split in four. I cringe when I hear my neighbor run the washing machine 24/7.


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