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Shop Loss Leaders and save at the grocery store!


Did you know that you can save at least 30% each week {Without coupons} by shopping ONLY certain parts of the weekly sales circular? Yes! Stores don’t tell you this and maybe you didn’t notice that the store usually lists what they call their “loss leaders” on the first and last page of the circular.

A Loss leader is a product sold at a low price, at or below its market cost to stimulate other sales of more profitable goods or services.

So, the store hopes that you will come in the store for the Loss Leaders and in turn purchase other items not on sale. Great Marketing Strategy, right? the other stuff in the circular is just “fluff” so they can fill in the ad.

If you were to shop only the Loss Leaders each week–you are guaranteed to save at least 30% on your grocery bill WITHOUT the use of coupons. Of course, if you use coupons on the items available–you will save more towards 60-70% on your grocery bill.

8 thoughts on “Shop Loss Leaders and save at the grocery store!”

  1. Josie, I’m glad you wrote this post. I haven’t seen it mentioned in a while, but it’s really true. I usually check the front and back of the ad first. By the way, I still have the $3/$15 on meat on J4U as may some of your readers, making an even better deal on that ground beef!

  2. occasionally i look through the middle pages also just to see if maybe there is a non insert q or ibotta/savingstar deal to be had ..

  3. Loss leaders are great, but take so much time to find, right? Not if you keep up with SouthernCaliSaver. Josie, you have saved my family of nine so much money and time. You are wonderful! Thanks for all you do!


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