How to Prepare Your “Mental Wealth” for 2017


Christmas! This year was a little different then we normally spend it. Usually we go all out: Buy everyone in the family gifts that we find suitable, go all out and buy the kids every gift that they want and don’t really think about what they just NEED.   We really wanted to be budget conscious this year because we are planning several trips in 2017 and I am more excited about making memories with my kiddos than getting them toys that I will eventually just end up throwing away because they are broken.

We got very untraditional this year, so that we could stay on budget. Here are a couple of things that we changed this year:

  • My entire family did a “secret Santa” instead of buying gifts for everyone. This was great because we could focus on getting that ONE gift that they really needed vs something that wasn’t well thought out and that would probably be put into a closet somewhere.
  • Instead of celebrating on Christmas, my extended family celebrated on the day after Christmas (which was GREAT for last minute gifts 😉 )
  • Instead of one person hosting a huge dinner– we did more of a potluck style and everyone brought something to share the responsibility of buying so much.

Things over the past year have changed so dramatically in regards to our financial health. After going through the process of buying a home, we noticed how important it really is be IN CHARGE of your debts and bills– this might seem like an obvious thing, but things can really get out of hand if you don’t pay close attention and financial freedom can seem like it is SO far away.

I urge you to take the Mental Wealth Quiz from onUp — I still have some areas that I need to work on; such as some compulsive purchases. but it is very helpful to know where you stand when it comes to where you are mentally with your finances. It’s honestly more than just “pay your bills” — you need to have your mind right.

Being Financially “wealthy” is more than just making money.. its also about setting goals and reaching aiming as high as you can with those goals. Here are just a few financial goals for 2017 for ourselves:

  1. Continue to pay off debt (this is a given– our house being the largest debt that we have!)
  2. eliminate unnecessary expenses. (We are working on cable!)

I’d love to hear from you– what are your financial goals for 2017??  and be sure to take a look at the awesome resources that oneUp has available to you. 

At SunTrust Bank their purpose is lighting the way to financial well-being. When you feel confident about your money, you can save for your goals and spend knowingly on what matters most to you.

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