How To Pay Less For Your Service – Get Lower Cell Phone Bill


Cell phone companies can be the worst at overcharging customers. Excessive data plans, outrageous phones and more can all have you paying $100, $200 or more per month very quickly. You don’t have to continue paying those fees though and can quickly lower cell phone bill with just a few quick changes to your account.

Lower Data

If you’re at home a lot, why are you paying for unlimited data? Connect to your home wifi when you’re at home with your phone. This means that you’ll use your 3 or 4G much less making you able to lower your data plan. Usually, the lower you take the data the less you will take care of. If you’re really looking to save, do away with your data plan altogether.

Get With a Group

These days, most companies offer friends and family plans with a phone. You can usually save quite a bit by grouping your plans together. Before you do this though, be sure to consider how much data, talk time and texts the group will have to share between each other. Once you’ve figured out the allowances, set one person to manage the account and give them when your bill is due. They’ll pay the cell phone company and you’ll save big.

Shop Around

Brand and company loyalty can destroy your budget with a phone. If you’re near the end of your contract, start shopping for competitors for better deals. If another company can give you a better deal, don’t be afraid to make the switch. You can easily port your number and you’ll loosen your budget some.

Switch Phones

I am a diehard Apple fan, but when I went looking to lower my cell phone bill, I realized just how much data my iPhone used. As a result, I was spending money JUST for having my iPhone. When I switched to an Android phone, my bill dropped by $40.00 each month. This is another case where brand loyalty kills your budget. By throwing that loyalty out of the window and trying something new, I saved almost $500 per year.

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Consider Prepaid

Prepaid cell phones have come a long way since they were first introduced. These days you can have the same, high tech phones that contract phones have, get unlimited talk, text and data and do it all at a fraction of the cost. Straight Talk, Boost Mobile, Tracfone, and Virgin Mobile are the biggest prepaid companies on the market, but regular providers like AT&T and T-Mobile also offer pretty decent prepaid plans. When you’re looking at lowering your bill, pre-paid may be the way you need to go for phones.

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  • Susie says:

    EVeryone should check out Republic Wireless! I have had their service since May and it is great! They use a major carrier’s cell towers, and encourage users to use wifi as much as possible in order to save money. I have the $25 plan, it gives me everything I need.

  • Sk8rToon says:

    I swear by FreedomPop!

    I use a combination of FreedomPop & my Verizon iPhone. You buy a device & get up to 1GB free of data per month (you can pay them for rollover (as low as $4/mo), or extra data per month but you don’t have to). I have a hotspot from them & I carry it in my purse. I use that when I’m out shopping etc instead of my cell data minutes. So I have the cheapest plan verizon has! Much cheaper to spend some money once for years worth of free later!

    Before I had to get the iPhone for work, I had a FreedomPop Freedom sleeve for my iPodTouch & was then able to use apps like Shopkick to coupon & save money while using my ye olde flip phone as an actual phone! Plus, if I wanted to, I could use Skype & TextNow to turn the iPodTouch into a “phone.”

    Freedom Pop also sells actual smart phones. I’m told it’s the cheapest plan around for an android phone & that many parents get it as their kid’s first phone.

    They also sell home modems as well.

    It’s made by the people who created Skype & use Sprint’s network for the most part. So reception is perfect at my home but bad at places like Disneyland (when you order at freedompop.com, they force you to check your signal coverage first so you’re not surprised). For that reason & work needs I haven’t been able to switch completely from my iPhone with Verizon. But it’s PERFECT for supplemental! Plus it’s great for diversifying your utilities. For example, last weekend, my AT&T home internet & phone died & the repairman forgot to come (they made it up to me with a month refund!), but thanks to FreedomPop I wasn’t dead in the water.

    referral link: http://fpop.co/emvS

  • marlene says:

    we have had METRO PCS for 5 months now and we love it. They had a promo 4 lines umlimited everything for $100 a month. we were die hard at&t folks but i was tired of paying $200 monthly for 1 smart phone 4 regular lines. my sister has CRICKET wireless which runs on att towers and loves it they have 5 lines for $100 but im fine with my plan for now. would recommend and you have no contract with METRO so you can cancel anytime and take the same number you have now. HTH

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