Organization Ideas For Small Homes


Over the past years, the sizes of newly built houses have shrunk, so if you live in a small home, know that you’re not alone. People are stuck in small homes, and like you, they are stuck on how they should organize their homes. If it is your first time to occupy a small house and you’re trying to figure out how to organize it, we’re here to help you. 

Small homes can be made to feel huge through proper planning. The good news is there are plenty of ideas that you can use to organize your home. We’ve rounded up the best organization ideas for small homes that you can use. So, read these ideas to get started in organizing your small home.

1. Declutter like crazy

You need to always declutter your home to create space and to get rid of what you don’t use. When you declutter your home, you can give away the items, sell them, or throw them if they are in a bad state. Decluttering will not only help you organize your home but also clean, help people, and probably earn some extra cash from organizing garage sales for the items that are in good condition! If you don’t want to declutter now and then, always try to get rid of old items when you buy new ones.

When decluttering your house, look for things that you no longer use. For example, if you have recently bought a juicer-blender-combo but previously owned a juicer and a blender, why should you keep the two separate items? Get rid of them by either gifting someone who needs them or even selling thems. This is just an example of things you might be having, and you don’t need them. Look around your house, and you will be surprised at the number of things you should and could get rid of.

2. Create zones

Living in a small home means that one room has to be used for several purposes. So, you need to create zones in one room to accommodate items that might otherwise lack space in your small home. 

There are various ways of creating zones. For example, you can create shelves in your living room for toys and books so that the area will be for toys only. You can also create a space under your stairs for a small office. You can also create zones in your bedroom for sleeping, dressing, and night tables. With enough spaces, small homes will stay organized and look clean.

3. Use overlooked spaces

Look around your house, and you will find empty spaces that can be utilized. For example, our beds have spaces under them that you can use for storage. You can create drawers with wheels and store items such as bathroom tissue, building blocks for kids, and seasonal shoes. You can also make the space under your bed bigger by using bed raisers. Space will be bigger, so you can even opt to use storage boxes instead of drawers.

If you have an ironing board and it has its space, you have some storage space underneath the board. You can use this space for a long table that is subdivided to hold things like baskets.

Did you know that the dresser’s sides can be used for storage? You can create shelves on your kid’s dressers by using spice racks. The shelves can be used for storing books, trophies, knick-knacks, etc. 

Another overlooked space is found over the door. You can throw a hook over the door and use it to store towels and toiletries for your guests.

4. Use a pegboard

Pegboards were mostly used in workshops and garages, but in recent years you can easily find them in kitchens and other rooms. Why? Because people have realized how useful they are! Here are several ideas on how you can use pegboards.

  • In your kitchen for oddly shaped items such as rolling pins.
  • For gardening to hang planters and pots.
  • As a headboard 
  • To organize your accessories— think, jewelry.
  • In closet and cabinet doors for extra storage
  • In your laundry room 

5. Create Shelves

Look around your tiny house, and you will be surprised at how much space you have for creating shelves. You have corner spaces where you can create shelves for your books and picture frames. There are also vertical spaces above your furniture that you can utilize by creating built-in shelves hanging from the ceiling. You can use these shelves for books and items that you don’t use daily.

You can also create an open shelf over your sink that you can use to store toiletries, toothbrushes, and other items that you use regularly. If you’re short on storage space in the kitchen, you can create a shelf over your kitchen sink.

When you create your shelves, ensure that you use both sides of the shelves. If you have open shelves in the kitchen, you put spice jars under on the lower part. You can achieve this by screwing the lids of the mason jars into the shelf. Ensure you use at least two screws.

6. Utilize your hallways

The hallway is an overlooked part that can be utilized for countless things. You can use your hallway space for:

  • Storage by integrating drawers that you can use to keep items such as towels.
  • Home office or study room
  • A small bed that can be used for daytime naps
  • A wine rack
  • A closet
  • A custom bar
  • A playhouse if you have kids
  • A small guest bathroom 
  • A bookshelf
  • Indoor garden if you love gardening
  • A pet house – if you have a dog build a doghouse under the stairs
  • A laundry room
  • A fish aquarium
  • Storing your bikes 

7. Buy space-saving furniture

Having space-saving furniture will help you solve space issues in small homes. For example, you can buy a storage ottoman because you can fold it when it’s not in use. You can find one that even folds out into a bed for guests.

Other space-saving furniture that you can buy includes a coffee table that comes with drawers, a stool that has storage space, folding chair, a headboard with compartments, bunk beds for kids, inflatable chairs, and fold-down furniture.

8. Create Pull-Out Cabinets

You’ve probably noticed narrow spaces in your kitchen. If, for example, you have a narrow space between your fridge and the wall, you can create a pull-out cabinet that you can use to keep your kitchen stuff. You can also have a pull-out cabinet or a rolling cart between your washer and the wall. It can be used for storing detergents and other items that lack space in small homes.

9. Use shower rings

If you have a lot of tank tops, you have noticed they are taking more than enough space in your drawer. You can save the space for other types of clothing by using shower rings to store your tank tops. You only need to have a cloth hanger and a few shower rings. The shower rings can also be used to store scarves, belts, and ties.

10. Organize your closet

Living in a small house means that you have to make good use of every space available, and that includes your closet space. You can transform your closet to help you meet your space needs. Here are a few ideas:

  • Add extra storage, such as a dresser and shoe rack, under clothes.
  • Make good use of closet rods. You can use multilayered hangers for your pants.
  • Use a closet doubler to hang pants and dress shirts.
  • Use closet floor space for storage boxes and plastic drawers.
  • Hang an over the door rack in your closet door and use it to store small items.

11. Create a charging station

We all have gadgets that need to be charged. We have laptops, cell phones, Bluetooth speakers, and tablets. If you charge all these items in different areas, consider creating a specific area that you will use for charging them. Ensure that the spot you choose is large enough for a tray that can hold your gadgets. 

12. Add wall hooks

Wall hooks can be used in every room. Use wall hooks in the bedroom for hanging accessories such as jewelry, hats, scarves, belts, sandals, and bags. Wall hooks can also be used in the kitchen to hang oven mitts, pots, pans, and aprons. Wall hooks can also be used to hold keys in your entryway.

13. Use shower caddies

Using shower caddies in your house will help you stay organized and save a lot of space. We mostly use shower caddies in bathrooms, but did you know they can be used in other rooms? Apart from using them to store shampoos and soap, you can use them for storing mails and bills, spices in the kitchen, craft supplies, and as a minibar.

14. Add sliding doors

Sliding doors save space, unlike traditional hinged doors that require space for their outward swing. You can use sliding doors in your home when creating zones. You can also use a sliding door in your en suite and bedroom closet to save on space.

15. Curtain Separation

If you have kids who share a room, and you’re stuck on how to create personal spaces for them, think about using a curtain. Using a curtain is a good option because it creates boundaries and closeness at the same time. Each kid will have his/her own space but will still feel close to the other since it is just a curtain and not concrete.

16. Reduce furniture size

If you have furniture that occupies most space in your house, you should get rid of it and buy one that will occupy less space. For example, instead of having a big dining table, you can buy a small one or a foldable one.

17. Use doors 

A small bathroom limits us from placing things like towels. Did you know you can use the back of your bathroom door for storage? You can hang towels by simply installing towel rods. You can also use door racks on all your doors to create extra storage space.

18. Use tall oval-shaped laundry baskets

When you use tall laundry baskets instead of the short wide ones, you will save on space. The tall ones occupy less space, and they will hold all your laundry. 

19. Think about space before buying anything

It is not easy to refrain from buying new stuff, especially when you’re out shopping, and you find items on sale. But, with small homes, you have to consider space first before buying anything because this is the only way your house will be clutter-free. Ask yourself these questions before buying new stuff. Do I have space for this? Do I need this?

20. Use magnetic strips

Magnetic strips were traditionally used to store knives, but you can use them in any room. Here are tips on how you can use magnetic strips:

  • Use in your kitchen to store spices, store knives, and to hold mixers attachments. 
  • For your bathroom to organize bobby pins, nail clippers, and tweezers.
  • Use in your garage to organize tools such as pliers.
  • Use in your craft space to organize your scissors and paintbrushes. 

21. The floor is not storage space

One way you can keep homes organized is by not leaving stuff on the floor. Ensure that you always pick up to keep your space clean and to maintain an organized look. Of course, this is not easy, but if you want an organized home, remind yourself every day that the floor is not storage space.

22. Use fabric drawer dividers

To ensure your drawers are not unruly, make use of drawer dividers. Using them will ensure that your items are separated and everything stays in place. The best thing about fabric dividers is that they are collapsible, so you can easily squeeze them.

23. Use divider trays

You can make use of divider trays for drawers in your kitchen, bathroom, or home office. In your kitchen, you can use the divider trays to store cutlery. Divider trays will help you to stay organized and neat.


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