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Myth Debunked: Hot Air Brushes Don’t Damage Your Hair

Myth Debunked: Hot Air Brushes Don’t Damage Your Hair

Most of us think we know basically everything about how to take care of our hair. After all, we’ve been washing, conditioning, and styling our locks since forever. If you’re like most people, you know what type of shampoo and conditioner is best for your hair. You probably also know that color-treating your hair too often isn’t the best idea. 

There are some hair care myths out there that many people believe, even though they’re not true. Today, we’re here to debunk one of those myths about hot brushes. Many people don’t use hot air brushes because they’ve read or heard that they damage hair and should be avoided. The truth is, however, that hot air brushes are perfectly safe to use if used correctly. 

Your hot air brush can be your go-to styling tool 

Any hair styling tool that uses heat can damage your hair if you don’t use it right. For instance, it’s not a good idea to regularly blow dry your hair by holding the dryer close to your scalp on high heat. This can result in dull, dry, broken hair and split ends. 

It’s perfectly fine to use a hair air brush a few times a week to style your locks. Just be sure to select the right temperature for your hair type. It’s also a good idea to use a heat protectant spray or oil before styling

A hot brush is better than a curling iron

A hot air brush is better for your hair than a curling iron that holds your hair between two heated plates. The modern technology used with hot air brushes helps protect hair. For example, the best quality hot air brushes have ceramic-coated bristles. This type of coating is safe for hair, plus it makes hair silky smooth.

Many top-rated hot air brushes are called ionic brushes. What this means is that these brushes lock moisture into the hair so it doesn’t get dehydrated after styling. Instead, the hair is styled gently so it becomes soft and smooth instead of dry and dull. 

A hybrid between a brush, styler, & dryer 

A hot air brush is almost magical.  It brushes, styles, and dries your hair all at once.  The barrel of the brush has vents that diffuse hot air as you pull the brush through the strands of your hair. Some hot brushes even have rotating barrels that deliver extra smoothing power.

The nice thing about a hot air brush is that it’s dead simple to use. You just wrap sections of your hair around the barrel and glide it through your hair from the roots to tips.

Go ahead and use your hot air brush without worry!

Now that you know that a hot air brush won’t damage your hair, pull that hot brush out of the drawer and start using it! If you don’t have one yet, there are plenty of great ones to choose from. Simply choose a hot air brush that’s made for your hair type and length. And of course, follow the manufacturer directions to achieve the best results!

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