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My Rock Bottom Price List


Many of you asked about this and I did have a list but I realized it was a little outdated. So here is an updated list. These are basically my stock up prices. If I can find an item on this list for the price listed below (or cheaper) I usually purchase quite a few to add to my stockpile. Depending on the item and how frequently we go through it— really depends on how much I may purchase at one time. Ex: Juice. I usually purchase about 5-8 if I can get it for $1 or less.

A couple of notes:

Please don’t think that these are  prices that you need to achieve on a daily basis. Everyone has different stock up prices and for me, this is something that I have been able to achieve at some point in my couponing career. This really is just a guide for those who may be wondering….

As a couponer, I am not brand specific. My family can use pretty much any brand so, I am not choosy when it comes to products, therefore it is easy for me to achieve these prices.  I have learned that as a couponer you must stay true to the saying “beggars can’t be choosers” 🙂 Obviously, some people have to be choosers based on their families needs.

These prices ARE achievable! Obviously, not on a daily basis, or even a weekly basis –but this is why we call it “stockpiling”  Purchase enough for your family that will last you until the next sale (depending on the item–3 or 4 weeks)


  • Chicken Breast Boneless/Skinless $1.70-$1.97 lb
  • Ground Turkey $2.50 20 oz. pkg.
  • Ground Beef $1.80 -$1.99 lb.
  • Hot Dogs $0.25
  • Chips: $1 a bag
  • Crackers: Free – .50/box
  • Yogurt .25 a cup
  • Cereal: Free – $1.00 box
  • Juice: $1 a bottle
  • Milk: This one is hard but I try not to pay more than $2.50/gallon (I purchase milk at CVS often with ECBs)
  • Canned Veggies: Free -.25
  • Salad Dressing: Free – .50
  • Coffee: $3.00 (I drink pretty much anything)
  • Condiments: Free- $0.75


  • žShampoo: Free
  • žDeodorant: Free
  • žBody Wash: Free
  • žToothpaste: Free
  • žRazors: Free -$1.00 ea
  • žMake-up: Free
  • žBaby wipes: Free -$0.75 per tub
  • žDiapers:$3.50 a package or less than .17 a diaper


  • žToilet Paper: .30 per roll (now, I know there are double rolls, mega rolls..etc, but I usually just use this as a rough estimate as far as per roll)
  • žPaper Towels: $2 for a 8 pk
  • žCleaning Supplies: Free -$0.75 a bottle
  • žDish Washing Detergent: Free-$1.00 a bottle
  • Laundry Detergent: Free- $1.00 per bottle (depending on the brand)
  • Batteries (8 pack anything) $2-$3 (I don’t stock up on these too often)

19 thoughts on “My Rock Bottom Price List”

  1. Thank you so much for posting this! I’ve been looking for a stock up price for California for a while. For the coffee, are you talking about $3 for the small cans or the large ones?

  2. Thank you for this! Do you mind giving a rough estimate of your monthly grocery/sundries budget? I also have a family of 5 with small children. Thanks!

  3. Wow! 200 dollars a month on groceries! I am doing something wrong! I am proud if I can keep it under 450 a month. Do you have any secrets you would like to share? So, that is about 25 dollars a week on groceries….seems impossible but I would LOVE to do it!

  4. @tiffany – I purchase what is on sale. For example, I recently was able to pick up 5 lbs of Ground Turkey for less than $8. I have put that in my freezer to use for meals during the month. You can go the same with chicken. When you find it cheap one week, stock up to last you a month. That way you will eat a different protein each day. We also eat a lot of meatless meals as well.

  5. @tiffany
    It is actually fifty a week for her budget. I have a budget of 160 so 40 a week and it is very doable. I have a drugstore/ fun money on items of 20 a month that includes diapers. Mostly you need to watch the price of your produce and meat. I buy chicken at no more then 1.50 a lb when it hits 1.33 I buy 20 lbs it makes it a creative month but then we have chicken for a while. Pay attention to the ads from places like rancho market for produce. I have had to start reteaching myself do we really need that 12 pack of soda sometimes it is yes I need it or my children will have cranky mom or no not this week. Do I want a bag of chips or 3 lbs of bananas 6 lbs of oranges and a lb or two of avocados? Also it helps to stock up on canned corn etc on caselot I usually get mine for around 40 cents so not as low as josie I can hit her mark if there is a libby coupon out the time of the caselot. Mostly I have learned how to make it work for my family. I have too. Before couponing for a family of three I spent 300 a month on food plus eating out etc. Now for a family of 4 I spend 160 and we eat better now we have steak more fruit and whole grains. I love my budget and keep challenging myself to lower it. I love posts like this. Also I do no beer purchase required mail i nrebates for my state (utah) So I can go buy 15 worth of chips get 8 back so last week I bought 8 bags of ruffles on sale bogo at smiths total was 16 I am getting 8 dollars back so I spent a 1 a bag for my fav chips and am stocked up for two months.

  6. Thanks for the list Josie – I am trying so hard to do this in a smart way. I have STOPPED shopping at Costco and that has saved me $200 per month right there. A have a friend who goes every week and if I need something – she gets it for me…it a crazy plan but working! I love this post – any chance to get it in spead sheet for to save to my phone…

    For the so cal folks.. You can get 25lbs of the best oranges every day, picked fresh, at the grove stands located on Van Buren…for $6. Its a great way to stretch your fruit budget, get the huge bag give some away and still have fresh oranges for a month or more!

  7. Maybe to throw in alittle perspective from someone who has been doing this just under a year. I usually only shop at Winco unless there is got to have at another store and most of the time there isnt. Here are a couple of prices I know for sure that are pretty solid for my area (Fontana):
    Ground Turkey $2.50 20oz pkg
    Hot dogs: 98 cents (Bar S turkey)
    Cereal $1.48- this has been pretty solid
    I spend an average of $75 a week for my husband and I.

  8. Thanks Josie! Your info along with tips from other readers has been very helpful. I currently spend about $300 a month for a family of 4 but I know I can do better, AND eat better. I’m done purchasing baby food for my big baby so that will help. I do great in every other area of couponing I just didn’t know what we’re considered good grocery stock up prices for our area. Thanks again.

  9. Josie, I have never seen chips for a buck. Was it a bogo sale? ThT is my one weak point. I prefer Del Monte veggies but haven’t seen great deals on them recently.


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