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Maternity Workout Clothes

maternity workout clothes
Maternity is a very special phase in a woman's life. So, it's important to find the best maternity workout clothes out there. Read on!


Maternity is a very special phase in a woman’s life. It’s also the most unpredictable because the mother’s body undergoes so many changes daily, which often leaves the mother overwhelmed. Essentially pregnancy comprises three trimesters, and it’s usually in the second trimester that the bump starts growing fast and large at the same time. Maternity clothes have become the new norm as comfort wear is essential. As the workout routine is also very important you should choose the best maternity workout clothes too.

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Maternity and Exercise

As part of the routine, expecting mothers are used to working out regularly to increase their strength, stamina, and some active movement due to the restriction of free movement.

The US Department of Health & Human Services pointed out that an expectant mother is recommended to get around 150 minutes of some exercise every week. This activity involved must have an aerobic exercise of moderate-intensity. The exercises can be body workouts, running, pilates, gym training, or even yoga. So the clothes need to be comfortable for any of these sessions and maybe also casual wear while at home. There can’t be any compromise on functionality and use.

Earlier, cotton was preferred as it’s naturally comforting, breathable, and a cloth that does not feel constricting. These factors are very important in any maternity workout clothes. A variety of normal to stylish workout wear is available for women ranging from leggings, bras, and tops.

Maternity and Exercise
Photo by Jonathan Borba on Unsplash

How to Choose Maternity Wear?

There are several factors we need to consider when choosing the right maternity workout clothes, and we have managed to list a few important ones, which will surely help you make a choice.

How to Choose Maternity Wear?
Photo by Arren Mills on Unsplash


There is a reason for going for the right brands. The reason is some brands specifically manufacture maternity wear, and others have maternity wear as a part of their product offering. Let me give you some examples.

Sportswear brands like Nike, Reebok, Beyond Yoga, etc., will have a separate collection for expecting mothers. You can very well choose them for their excellent sporty look, but they are not specialist maternity wear manufacturers.

So you have other choices like Cadenshae, Ingrid & Isabel that specifically manufacture maternity clothes. There is always a choice between the two and I would advise a trial with all these brands to select the one that best fits your requirements.


Even though expecting mothers may get some clothes for pregnancy, they have to factor in the belly’s growing size. It can start growing very large in the third trimester. Some clothes designs can adapt up to a certain limit before they have to be changed. This is mostly true for tops than leggings.

Tops can get out of size pretty fast, and you will have to replace them. But you cannot go shopping every month or so, and therefore you have to buy something that can work well for a couple of weeks and also for the future months. Again, as before, a trial will the best judge.

Breathability and Comfort Factor

Nowadays, most manufactured clothes are good in design, comfort, and feel. But a lot can depend on the user’s preferences, fit, and lasting comfort. Not everyone can be comfortable in all clothes even though the material used is the best quality.


When it comes to pregnancy activewear, it’s not just the top, bras, and leggings that are involved, but there is a variety of other stuff like shoes, socks, belly support bands, etc. that need to be also selected.


This can be one of the most decisive factors as everything that an expecting mother uses has a very short life, and she will quickly grow out of them. So the price can be a big factor while choosing available options.

Maternity Workout Clothes: Activewear

Now that we have figured out some of the basics let’s look at some pregnancy activewear available at the moment.


Leggings are commonly sourced and they don’t need to be maternity-specific. But maternity ones have a high waist rise which helps support the growing stomach.

The right set of leggings is ultra-stretchable and can grow with your pregnancy, eventually lasting until postpartum. They will support your belly and still feel so light as if you are not wearing something special. They will also feel like a second skin and be non-constricting.

You can have multiple pairs and last you the entire 40 weeks and maybe even more. Some may come with waistbands to give that extra much-needed support at crucial times.

Leggings Brands

Brands you can consider are the Ingrid & Isabel Maternity Workout Legging which comes with the Crossover Panel, which starts at $88, Lulemon Align Leggings starting at $98, and Blanqi Everyday Maternity Belly Support Leggings starting at $64. All of these are tight leggings best part about them is that they are simple, elegant yet stylish. Therefore, you can use them for workouts as well as other activities. They all offer gentle support while keeping the body cool and you can raise them over the belly or fold down.

Then you also have the maternity sweatpants like the Hatch Cashmere Jogger series which is a little expensive at $248 but gives you the benefit of luxury look and comfort in one. They come with a drawstring and are airy and super stylish.

You can also include Spandex Shorts like the ones from Kindred Bravely Cherie Maternity & Postpartum Support Bike Shorts ($50). It always helps to have a variety of wear for pregnancy. These cycling shorts are great for walks, hikes, runs, yoga, etc. It has an ultra-high waist rise for added coverage, comfort, and support.


Expecting mothers have a variety of options ranging from sleeved to sleeveless ones and body-hugging to comfortable loose wear. They can be the basic and extremely affordable Gap Maternity GapFit Breather Racerback Top ($18) which is easy to manage and also known to be long lasting despite its low price. Styles like these are great for the yoga class.

There are also short-sleeved ones like Alo Motion Short-Sleeved Top ($58) which has enough room for casual and workout wear. Cadenshae Breast Feeding Top fits between a sleeveless tight and a casual loose sleeved wear.

This top can be easily pulled over a sports bra and gives off a nice casual sporty look. The Cadenshae tank is light, comfortable, soft, and roomy. This multi-purpose tank can certainly be worn from pregnancy to postpartum and also later. Another option is the Cadenshae Bamboo Long Sleeve Top ($50) which is a long sleeve shirt for moms to move comfortably.


Sports bras reign supreme in this domain for being sporty, providing good support, and still be very comfortable. Most of these bras come with high support for added benefit. Just as the bump grows during pregnancy, so does the bust, and buying one every time would be a hassle and expensive. Sports bras fill the need as they are stretchable, are multi-purpose, and also do their job quite well.

You should check the bra for the activity it’s recommended for. Some can be used in high-intensity activities, while others are recommended only for low-impact ones like walking, hiking, cycling, and yoga. Available in beautiful colors and stylish patterns, they can also be used post-pregnancy for breastfeeding because some of them come with front chains or clip-down panels that help provide easy access during nursing. There are several brand options from Lulemon Enlite Zip-Front bra ($108), Lulemon Enlite Weave High Support Bra ($98), Kindred Bravely Sublime Nursing Sports Bra ($40), and Lively Active Colorblock Braletter ($35).

Belly Support Bands

Belly support belts or bands are sports bras for the pregnant belly and back. While most leggings do raise above the belly and give adequate support in the initial stages, it becomes obvious that stronger support is required as the belly grows in the latter part of the pregnancy.

When expecting mothers need belly belts for additional support, there comes a period when expecting mothers need belly belts that can sit on the hips and near the lower back giving the necessary support.

The Gabrialla Elastic Maternity Band ($33) is one such brand that offers really good quality and comfort. These belts can be strong, light, and also chic. Pregnant women must get proper positional support during pregnancy and postpartum functionally and safely. Bao Bei Maternity ProBump Pregnancy Belly Support Band — Black ($65) is one such company product that gives the wearer proper belly support to maintain the right posture at any stage of pregnancy or even later.

Maternity Workout Clothes Summary

We have seen some products, and we can surely agree that a lot of products are quite durable and useable not just during pregnancy but also in postpartum and even beyond that. Thus giving an extremely good value for the purchase.

Most of the maternity wear has antimicrobial and moisture-wicking technology. This means the clothes will keep you comfortable and dry all day long, whether you’re having a long walk, doing yoga, or going to the aerobics class.

We have tried giving you a fair idea of how to start looking for maternity wear and shared a general perspective of what you should expect. There is a large variety of brands, designs, and options for every budget. Starting the search online will be the first step, but they can be finalized only by trial. Hope you have found this information valuable. Happy shopping.

Maternity Workout Clothes Summary

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