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5 Tips on How to Make Your Sponges Last Longer

Sure they don’t seem expensive, a $1 here, a $1 there, but over time the cost of sponges can really add up. Between scrubbing down kitchen counters and picking up everyday spills and splatters, sponges can sure take a beating. Well you don’t have to go broke trying to keep them in stock in your home. In fact, below you will find five tricks for making sponges last longer. That’s right! There are steps you can follow to keep your spongers cleaner and lasting longer, therefore saving you money. Take a look below at how easy it is!

1. Start snipping!

Chances are, you don’t need an entire sponge. You could probably get away with half of a sponge when it comes to scrubbing your sink, counters, etc. Give it a try and start snipping. Take a hefty pair of kitchen scissors and just snip the sponge down the center. See if half does the job for you, while keeping the second half stashed away until you need it. This will make each sponge last twice as long as usual since you are only using half hence a way of how to make your sponge last for longer. 

2. Fill er’ up.

When you are done using your sponge, rinse it out and dry it for a few minutes. Then, fill it up with a teaspoon or so of anti-bacterial dish soap. Give the sponge a good squeeze and allow the soap to soak through. Then, just hang the sponge on a sponge holder so it will be ready for use later. Germs will sure have a hard time breeding when the sponge is soaked with anti-bacterial dish soap.

3. Give them a spin.

Give your sponges a spin, in the washing machine that is. Put your sponges in a netted bag such as an old onion bag or even a lingerie bag. Then just toss the bag in during your next washing machine cycle and wash as you would your delicates. When you remove them, they will be clean and fresh. Just avoid the dryer as it is not advised.

4. Zap it.

Take your dirty sponges and give them a good zap in the microwave. You want the sponge to be wet otherwise it can pose a fire hazard. Then, place in a microwave safe bowl and zap it in your microwave for up to 2 minutes. Be careful when removing it as it will be quite hot. The heat will kill any germs and bacteria giving you more bang for your buck and make your sponge to last for longer.

5. Banish the germs with bleach.

You can add one gallon of water to your sink and stir in about one tablespoon of bleach. Allow your sponges to soak for about an hour then remove, rinse, and dry well. The bleach will disinfect the sponges and allow them to do their job longer hence another way of how to make your sponge last for longer

See what a cinch it is to get more use out of your sponges? When you follow these tips of how to make your sponge last longer you will enjoy sponges that are cleaner with less germs and bacteria. Therefore, you will be able to use them longer and feel safe using them on all of your surfaces. Give these tips a try and get more bang for your sponge buck 🙂

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