How to Make Money Selling Your Smart Phone Photos

How to Make Money Selling Your Smart Phone Photos

Did you know that more people are using their smartphone for taking photos than actual cameras? Smartphones with built-in cameras make taking photos on the go so easy, plus many of the cameras offer a clearer, more detailed picture than most digital cameras can. Perhaps you love shooting pictures of your kids, pets, or garden, but many smartphone users also love taking photos of landscapes and other artistic or unusual sites they see. If you are of the latter you might wish to monetize off your smartphone photos, and lucky for you many companies are offering cash for the photos that may be in your phone right now.  If you want to not just take photos for fun but for profit too, take a peek below at some helpful suggestions on how to make money selling your smartphone photos. You may be surprised at how easy, and profitable it can be!


Step 1: Take amazing photos!
Before you get wrapped up in how much you can make and who you should sell your photos to, start taking amazing photos. Work on stabilizing your shot, choosing the perfect light, choosing a vibrant background, and most importantly choosing an interesting subject matter. Practice, and practice a ton so that you can improve your picture taking and start shooting pictures that companies will desire. You want to be able to take excellent raw shots that don’t require touch ups or any photo editing. This gives the buyer something to work with and edit as they choose.

Step 2: Start scouting buyers.
There are many photo buying companies out there, so it is important to pick a reputable one. Any company you find should be checked with the Better Business Bureau, so you can be sure you are dealing with an honest and reputable company. Search for online reviews of the company as well, and see what other users have to say. If you can’t find positive feedback on a particular company, keep looking. You don’t want to end up falling into a shady contract or not getting paid for your work. Here is a list of smart phone photo buyers that are popular, reputable, and offer various selling terms:


Step 3: Understand the fine print.
Before you sell your smart phone photo, you will want to be sure you understand the fine print. Does the buyer hold the rights to your photo? Do you need to sign a model release for the person(s) in the photo? Are you authorizing the buyer to use the photo in any way they wish? Do you agree to the payment terms? Understanding the fine print is important. If a buyer gets sole rights to your photo, you will not be able to sell it elsewhere or even display it elsewhere. If the buyer gets free reign to use the photo in any way they wish, your photo (and even image if you sell it) might end up in an ad for adult diapers or another product or cause that could be embarrassing to you or conflicts with your views. Take care to understand the terms of the sale and ask any questions prior to selling.

Step 4: Scout what is selling.
Try to get an idea of what buyers are looking for. Do they want food photos? Landscapes? Animal photos? Often times you can get an idea by visiting forums that discuss smart phone photo selling or by checking out any highlighted sellers on the site. By having an idea about what sells, you can keep your eyes peeled and your phone ready for those items.

Step 5: Start selling.
Create your account on the site or sites of your choice. This will include agreeing to the terms of service, and filling in information about yourself and your payment options. Some sites also require you to sign a model release if your photos include other people in them. Once your account is valid you can start selling. It may take a few tries before you sell your first photo. Be patient, keep improving your craft, and keep plugging away. Chances are you will get a bite, and may even get return customers!

Are you ready to start making money off your smart phone photos? Give these tips a try and see if you can’t turn your photos into cash.