It’s like riding a bike…

It started with a baby… (we will talk about that in a sec)

It’s been a hot second since I’ve done a personal blog post. It has been awhile since I’ve had any motivation to even talk about myself (who the heck likes to talk about themselves? 😉 )

I don’t know where you are in my “story” but here is a quick run down of whats been going on:

.. plus, I want you to know what I’m doing NOW (check it out allllll the way at the bottom of this post if you can’t wait)

⭐ SouthernCaliSaver is GONE! Crazy right? If you don’t know what that is, that is ok but if you are missing it–please know that I no longer blog about deals. Southern Cali Saver was a great adventure that I absolutely loved but to be honest.. people change. Coupons are still my jam “kinda” but I honestly prefer shopping at stores that give me deals without all the hassle of coupons. Times are changing.. and so did my willingness to coupon.

⭐ Smart Money Mom (what you are reading) is basically the SAME money-saving advice I shared on Southern Cali Saver but without the coupons. So, more details about how make the most of your hard earned money. A couple of my favorite posts:

How to Determine Allowance for Kids

Functional Household Budget for a One Income Family 

Frugal Living Tips for Large Families 

⭐ After 8 years,  I’m expecting a BABY! A little girl actually.. our youngest is 7 –so this whole pregnancy/baby thing is a completely new experience.

Okay, giving birth isn’t actually a new experience but this pregnancy has been an adventure. I have  hyperemesis gravidarum — which if that sounds familiar, its the same thing the The Duchess, Kate Middleton has during her pregnancies.

Soooooo.. you can basically call me the Duchess of Cambridge. 😉 In all seriousness, HG is like morning sickness times 31419 thousand. EVERYTHING makes you sick and you can often be hospitalized for it.

When I found out I was pregnant, the couponer in me immediately started thinking about how I can going to start saving money on diapers. If you followed me in the beginning — you know that couponing for diapers was my JAM! I never paid full price for diapers and I really don’t have any intention to do that with this babe either. After 8 weeks of persistent sickness I decided to venture out to Rite Aid to see if I could snag a awesome diaper deal I saw online

Couponing is like riding a BIKE, right??..

From the picture above– you can see that was short-lived. I thought to myself “I’m sticking with Amazon, I don’t have energy for this” .. I guess I thought things had calmed down when it came to people running to deals and buying all of the product out of the store. I was definitely WRONG. (I even showed up the night OF the deal!)

You know what IS like riding a bike? Chatting it up with you all. OMGosh.. I miss blogging. I miss just keeping ya’ll informed on what it is about to save money, REGARDLESS of how you do it.

🚫You don’t have to coupon (but more power to you if you want to!)

🚫You don’t have to penny pinch.

🚫You DON’T have to run out of energy searching for deals

🚫You don’t have to save every dollar you have.

🚫You don’t have to cut cable (but guys, there are SO many options.. you might just entertain the idea)

🚫You don’t have to pay cash for your car

..and I just need to let you know this. 😉 There are just SO many ways to save your hard-earned money that I want to make sure you know.. So, I hope you will join me here more often.

I promise to be consistent with my posts and let you know that I’M BACK!!! 😀

I hope you will grab a cup of coffee (or wine, or vodka.. I don’t judge.) and let me show you what I got.