Here is What You Didn’t Know About Coupons


Over the course of my couponing career– I’ve heard PLENTY of reasons WHY a person will object to couponing. Yes, sometimes coupons are terribly small in value (I mean, $0.25 is pretty discouraging for someone who has never used them before) but what most people don’t do.. is take the time to understand that it’s not just the coupon–but the power of a coupon when paired with a sale, store promotion or other wonderful things! Today, I’ve decided to trump those objections.. and maybe those that haven’t come to the dark side maybe convinced of why it’s time to start 😉

Objection #1 :

I don’t have the time to clip/use coupons.

You can’t afford to NOT make the time!

Based on the Immar Report of 2012 the average savings per coupon is $1.56, let’s say you spend 1 minute per coupon clipping, sorting, using. A minute worth of effort is the equivalent of saving $15.60 for 10 minutes. Hourly rate: $93.60! That is better than any part-time job…especially since you can do it at home, in your pjs, while watching your favorite show 🙂

Objection #2:

I save money by buying bulk at Costco / Sam’s Club.

While this is true for SOME items– this is not the case on a lot of items! I specifically found some items at Costco (see why Bigger isn’t always better at Costco HERE) that just aren’t a steal. Check out the Things I will buy at Costco

More often, buying more of the smaller item and using coupons saves you WAY more!

Objection #3:

It seems as though everything that has a coupon is processed junk? Can you buy healthy food with coupons?

Yes! There are lots of organic/healthy coupons that are released, You just have to look for them. Write to your favorite manufacturers and a lot of the time they are willing to send you coupons! Think about it this way… If you are saving on the rest of your grocery bill (Toiletries, Diapers, household items) you will have more to spend on the organic/healthy items that are on your list.

Objection #4:

There are never coupons out for items my family uses.

When people say this… I have to wonder, Do you use toothpaste, toilet paper, deodorant, cleaning supplies? I hope so!! 😉

Start out slow. Start with toiletries and beauty products then work your way into groceries. The more you are saving in the toiletry dept, the more you will have in your budget to spend on your food items.

Objection #5:

I am embarrassed to use coupons – Aren’t those just for poor people?

NO! I would still coupon even if I won the lottery! (seriously people!) It allows you to set the price you are willing to pay for something and it gives you, the consumer back the control. You aren’t going to let the manufacturer or store dictate the price you are going to pay for something. That is smart!

Once you see your monthly grocery bill go down & down & down, you won’t be quite so embarrassed.

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  • Mrs Pala says:

    So refreshing for the reminder of why I put so much time and effort into couponing. Thank you, Josie!

  • SS says:

    #5—I used to be like that, embarrassed by coupons. But hey, now living on my own with champagne taste on a beer budget, I’ve got to cut cost somewhere—definitely not from my clothes. Once I scored that big haul with huge savings, that embarrassment quickly went away. More power to couponers! After all, manufacturers create coupons for a reason: to use them. To not use them would be stupid.

  • Maria O. says:

    Thanks for reminding me also why I coupon and for posting all those great deals in stores and online. It really saves me a lot of time instead of me trying to figure it all out. After having started to coupon almost two years ago, sometimes I don’t feel like chasing all of those deals anymore. I often feel worn down taking care of my small kids as a stay at home mom. Nowadays, I buy more organic foods and cosmetics, and couponing for other stuff helps me to save a lot of money.

  • Eileen vargas says:

    Lol, whenever someone makes negative comments to me about couponing I just turn and say, not only am I getting my stuff free but some they are paying me to take out of the store?! Now who looks dumber?! Lol that usually shuts them up!

  • Harry Martin says:

    We live a *better* life because I coupon. For instance, I would never pay $3.99 for the Fresh Express Salad Kits, but I picked up several packages in the past week at Vons for 44 cents each. Score.

    Plus couponing has never been easier since the Internet and great blogs, like yours, Josie. Back in the mid-80s and fresh out of college, I would go out with my file box and have to do the math in my head. (There were also no DVDs, the phone had a cord and my hair was still intact.) 🙂


  • MeleP says:

    Couponing saved my family. I was taught by some elderly women I worked with but during the process I was shy to approach cashiers with coupons. A layoff and pregnancy pushed me to face my fear and start research on proper couponing. After reading how women and men saved their families from financial hardship with coupons then it was all the push I need. Great article. Me and my family appreciates your time and effort to bring some sanity to my day with match ups and last minute deals. Thanks Josie.

  • Ro in San Diego says:

    I started using coupons regularly in 2008. I started with drugstores, then started buying groceries with coupons. My family was able to seriously take control of our finances. Our reward was a cruise in 2009. in 2011 my son was rewarded with a “new” car and his graduation present was our repayment of his student loans.Late in 2011 My husband had a sudden illness . He’s made a full recovery (touch wood) but as a result our “someday” trips got moved up to “as soon as possible”. Using coupons has allowed us to take vacations that are on our “Bucket” list every year because of our low grocery bills. Thanks for the reminder why it’s worth it. And thanks again for your tireless postings of all of our local sales. This wouldn’t have been possible without the work you and Kara do for us. Thanks again, Josie and Kara.

  • Michelle says:

    When I started couponing I remember it was at vons when they doubled $1 coupons to $2 ( … sigh, those were the good old days) anyways I got shampoo for 50 cents and I became hooked!!! I have not looked back, I just don’t understand how people pay regular price for anything. And I have NO shame, I see couponing as a second job and take it just as seriously. I take time to collect, clip, organize, do research, and finally go to the stores and sometimes have to make several trips to get the deals. It takes alot of time and effort and feel like nothing has been given to me, anyone can do this if they just take the time and effort. If it were not for coupons I would not be able to buy most of the name brands, I would problably be limited to what ever they sell at the dollar stores. (I do love the dollar stores especially the ones that take coupons). Anyways Thank You Josie for this website! It has made couponing alot easier! 🙂

  • Kristina says:

    Hey Josie! Do you have any ideas for savings on printer ink? I have a Canon printer and find the ink so expensive for how often I am having to replace it.

  • Mo says:

    I started seriously couponing about 4 years ago when I was laid off from work. It was a matter of making ends meet on a very tight budget. A couple of years later I came across your blog, which helped make it much simpler and more efficient. I’m to the point where I’m stocked up on most things so can choose to pass on some of the deals in order to allow myself more down time (can get burned out sometimes). I agree with those who say it’s like a part time job. That’s what I tell people at the checkout lines when they comment on my substantial savings. Thanks for helping so many of us out with all you do, Josie!

  • jenn says:

    hi everyone, do anyone of you know if the sunday news paper still on sale for first time costumer?

  • maria says:

    mom was taugh by one of her friends and she started teaching i remember my words “oh mom i ain’t got time and i was to embarrased to aproach the cashier, but i remember one day my husband and i needed to do laundry and we only had $80 for market and laundry so we went to target and got all of my laundry needs and a little of market with $47.00 with some coupons that my mom gave me. I becacame hooked on, i stop once a while i try to used my stockpile but when im down to at least 3 -5 items I start back at it.. I own my own trucking company have 4 kids work form home which sometimes i honestly don’t have the time or the strenght to go couponing but i loved it. my husband hates coupon but loves it when i saved lol he said is your hobby and if it makes you happy and i saved money go a head enjoy it lol..

    Thank Josie

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