I suck at being a mom…



This is the most recent text message that I sent George. “I suck at being a mom”..

I was having one of those weeks days where nothing was going right. I have 435 loads of laundry, I just went grocery shopping and spent $150 on groceries.. that seems like mostly junk, I didn’t feel like cooking and contemplating picking up McDonald’s on the way home, there were 3 days worth of dishes in the sink.. and seriously, the list could go on.

I honestly have NO desire to be one of those moms who seem like they have their stuff together, put makeup on every day and have AMAZING relationships with their kids. Sometimes, I just want to make it to the end of the day knowing that I accomplished something besides just keeping my kiddos alive. 😀

No matter how much I try, I am just not good at homemaking. Naturally, I am a workaholic. I will devote 100% of my time to providing for my family in other ways.. finding ways to save money? check. Finding ways to make money? check.

Ask me to organize my closets? Anxiety. Fold laundry? DIE. LOL.

Just like there are people out there who are probably saying the opposite of me.. ” I LOVE laundry, I even color coordinate to make it easier to find things”  Come to my house PLEASE!

I need a MANUAL on how to be a doer-of- all the homemaking things.

While I’m thinking of this– the email Gods somehow knew this and I got something in my email called: The Ultimate Homemakers Bundle.


Desperate mom looking to perfect her homemaker hustle? Me!  This “bundle” is basically a homemakers bible from people all around the internets who are GOOD at homemaking! They want to teach you how to do those things that you aren’t good at. Whats inside:

62 eBooks, 34 printable packs & workbooks, 3 membership sites, 30 eCourses, videos & audios

  • Budgeting & Finances (11 products worth $221.92)
  • Faith (17 products worth $281.82)
  • Family (11 products worth $210.93)
  • Home Management (14 products worth $260.54)
  • Homeschooling (9 products worth $115.71)
  • In the Kitchen (21 products worth $321.70)
  • Intentional Living (11 products worth $237.92)
  • Self Care (15 products worth $502.91)
  • Time Management (9 products worth $254.00)
  • Work at Home (10 products worth $1,302.99)

.. annnddd its only $30 

I’ll keep the suspense short. I bought it! 😉 I’m tired of sucking as a mom. If you feel remotely the same as me– this bundle is only available for 6 days, lets do it together!! 🙂