I can be all things to all people…



See these kids? They are my life.. They are everything that I inspire to be, I love them.

Lately, I’ve suffered a burden. The “I can be all things to all people” burden. Actually, the last five years I have suffered that– see, blogging is more than a full time job. Its almost a 24hour type of job. In the very beginning, as a deal blogger– you sat down at your computer for hours and hours at a time. Trying to be the first blogger to post a “HOT” new coupon… you always had to be the first to post something because if not, it would be old news– and no one would visit your blog. Truth is.. I sat down at my computer on average of 10 hours a day. 7 days a week. for almost five years. I’ll tell you what.. the pay of a blogger is not worth the 24 hour schedule.

Being a “deal blogger” as people like to refer it to– is actually a lot less popular now. People are moving on from coupons and finding new ways of saving money– I bet there are a couple deal blogs that you follow that have changed drastically within the last year. Why is this? because it is absolutely exhausting. 

So what have I done? I’m simply taking a step back from the daily grind of being a blogger.. I’m not going anywhere but I am going to post less– probably not answer my email fast enough. I will be working on more meaningful content. I don’t know if you’ve noticed–but I LOVE to write. I LOVE to garden and I am passionate about helping others use money wisely.  

I will still post deals–maybe 5 or 6 a day. Not nearly as much as last year (10-15 a day) and you will see more of ME.

However, I do have one announcement:

Sadly, last year was my LAST Black Friday/Cyber Monday adventure. I will no longer post endless deal after deal during that time. I won’t refrain completely but you might see one or two deals that I just can’t resist to not share. 

The reason for this is a hard one. Even though I’m happy to find these deals for you.. They are a true burden to me during the holidays. Sitting hour after hour waiting for the best deals on select hot items of the year.. I miss out on a lot during the holidays.  My days turn into 18 hour days.. my family suffers, my wellness suffers.

I totally understand if you aren’t interested in some of the things I have to say.. that is okay, I’ve tried to understand that I can’t help everyone.

Now you must know I am so very thankful for all of you – my readers, because when I’ve let  SCS slip a bit and not allow it to be the focus of my attention you all have been faithful to visit the blog and support me.  When I take hours off at at time on random days to do some crafting.. you told me you weren’t going anywhere.  So for that, I say a big HUGE thank you.     

 PS: everything will stay the same here on SCS. Just less posts and WAY less holiday deals.

  • Wilene says:

    I appreciate everything u do 🙂

  • Salazar says:

    Family first!!! Many blessings to you and yours and THANKS for all of your time 🙂

  • Daryl Ann says:

    Appreciate the help throughout the years….I gave up on Black Friday a couple of years ago you get much better deals closer to Christmas…just the same old Black Friday junk.

  • Lucy says:

    I’ve been following you almost from the beginning or your blog career. I was so happy that someone takes the time out of her own busy life to help others save money. I want to thank you for that. YOU made me a better shopper & helped me save A LOT of money for my family.
    Please – family first. Enjoy your Husband and boys. 🙂
    I hope we do get to “see” more of YOU!
    Again, Thank you so much for everything and much Blessings.

  • sweetloveletters says:

    I agree, family first. Thanks for all you do.

  • Tanya W says:

    This change doesnt bother me at all! The Black Friday hustle and bustle was too much for me anyway, because we don’t go crazy at Christmas (financial reasons, but also space and teaching our kids that they don’t need a lot to be happy) and truthfully it was really hard to resist the deals! I love the direction you are taking, and grateful for any time (and insight to a better life!) that you can dedicate to us! I am also spending less time on deals and more time on my household.

  • Andria says:

    good for you, Josie! The deals will always be there, but you can’t get back the time lost to watch your children grow! Their youthful season flashes by in the blink of an eye! We have to relish it! God bless you!

  • Carrie says:

    Thank you for all the work you do! I’ll still be reading because I love what you’ve been posting. The deal posts are still great…and I’ve loved learning more about the woman behind the blog. 🙂

  • Denise Munoz says:

    Cherish your children while they are little because before you know it they will be grown! Thank You for everything you do and I am not going anywhere!

  • plumaria says:

    I can’t thank you enough. Your family always comes first no matter what. Especially your health. Thank you so much for all your hard work and I really hope you will get the time you deserve. Kids grows too fast. Enjoy your family, your passion, your life.

  • Idi says:

    Time slips away so fast. I remember when my 3 kids were little and they are now teenagers and adults. Enjoy your time with yours. Thank you for what you do. I am a follower of Southern Cali Saver and always will be!!

  • Jenn says:

    Your passion and commitment, no matter what level, is so appreciated! You’ve taught me so much and for that I am truly thankful! Enjoy your family and do what your heart is telling you to do.

  • SLNY says:

    Anything you do or share is always welcomed and appreciated. I’m glad you are taking more time for your family . I personally use to wonder how you use to do it all. I have been a reader and supporter of the blog for 3 years now. I went from checking your blog several times throughout the day to just checking once a day. Not because I’ve lost interest in your blog but because you have thought me enough to coupon on my own and my son (now 6) has been active in school and activities. I’m loving the personal blogs. I am currently a few steps behind you in life changes and appreciate the money savings tips. I hope to buy a house in the next 4 years. Thank you again!

  • Jess says:

    I found you when I was pregnant with my first son. Now my second is due in just a few weeks. The amount of money you have helped my family save, and the ability you’ve given me to work less and spend more time with my family, is completely invaluable. I want you to have the same for you and your beautiful family. Thank you for everything you do, Josie!!! You’re a rock star!!!!

  • Michelle R says:

    Like others have said, family first

  • Kim M says:

    Actually you are the only blog I am following right now due to life is to busy. I don’t know how bloggers do it. I do appreciate the time you share to have a blog . You share good tips on saving which inspires me. I don’t coupon as much but still find ways to save. My children are grown but continue to do daycare (mostly grandchildren) 10 hours a day. I like doing a few hobbies so time does run out each day. We all need a well rounded balanced life and family is our priority. Enjoy each day.

  • Kelly A. says:

    Thanks for all you do. I appreciate the changes you have made. I have made similar changes in my own life and couponing is just becoming less and less important at this time.

  • Laura says:

    Ditto all the appreciation from the above comments. I also didn’t need the Black Friday type of posts – I could just follow Amazon’s deals when I had time throughout the season.
    I’ve thought of a couple ideas that might be of help to you and everyone.. One is when someone posts a comment, it might be good to somehow let us “star’ those that are money saving tips, so a person doesn’t have to go through all the comments to find the hints that many generous readers have added. This way each of us can contribute. Maybe the Recent Comment area can be extended. There may be some of us who are willing to take on some of what’s not being done, or what you don’t want to do anymore. My other idea that I was going to do for myself, is maybe something I can post sometime, and that is a calendar of what to look for when. For ex. each Tuesday one can check for the Ralph’s Facebook threshold offer, and Wednesday for their other FB offer. Maybe even put in links for the ad scans and when to look. I’m NOT asking you for all that, but together I think you and all the SCS readers could benefit. I’m sure others could think of more ideas of ways readers can contribute.

  • kate says:

    really sad for us of less post since thats why we come here-to save money, but all that matters is- GOOD for you. u should be selfish with you and if its taking a toll on u then forget us and this site, who cares because we’ll survive. ur family needs u. also ive never shopped on black friday and personally avoid it because as couponers we all know deals always come along. the wait and fight has never been worth it to me.
    by the way i like the old way of posts, where we can pull up our list without mazing thru link to links and always see comments on deal matchups. tho i doubt it’ll happen, i thought id throw it out there.

    appreciate all u do:)

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