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How to Wash Dyed Hair without Losing Color

When you color your hair, washing it can be challenging. For, every splash tends to wipe off some of the dye. How do you deal with this issue? Some resort to expensive treatments to keep their hair dye as much as possible. Is this approach essential? We don’t think so. That’s why, in this guide, we’ll share easy and affordable ways of washing dyed hair without losing the color. Are you ready to discover? Here we go!

Dye Your Hair Correctly

First things first, how do you dye your hair? For, a bad hair color job can lead to your hair losing color when you wash it. To prevent this loss, start by applying the dye to the roots only. Then, using the emulsion dyeing technique lightly wet your hair in the shower. Ensure the water touches only the upper sections of your hair where there is no dye. Now, start massaging and stroking your hair and scalp. Align your fingers to follow the strands from the roots to the tips. You can add some more water if you feel the strands are too dry. Do the massage for about two minutes. Then, wash it off.

The 24-hours Wait

When we dye our hair, the color opens and settles in the hair cuticles. Then, it may take up to three days before the shafts lock in this color. Before then, anything you put on your hair can damage these cuticles or diminish your new hair tone. So, anytime you dye your hair, you should wait for a minimum of one day for the color to set before you wash your hair with clean water. And, wait three days before you shampoo it.

Avoid Hot Water

This first tip may sound too obvious for a veteran. Yet, often, first-timers forget this basic rule about dyed hair and hot water. The two never mix. Anytime you rinse your hair in hot water, you wipe off the outer cuticle layer, where the dye is. Hence, your color begins to fade.

Use the Right Products

Did you know that shampoos contain salts and other chemicals that wash off hair dye? Yes. These products are easy to find at most over-the-counter cosmetic stores. Yet, they are rather harsh to your dyed hair. So, plan to either go organic or use specific shampoos that target such hair. Typical shampoos for dyed hair include Shu Uemura Color Lustre Sulfate-Free Brilliant Glaze Shampoo and Nexxus Color Assure Radiant Color Care Shampoo. DIY shampoos include Aloe Vera in coconut milk and curd egg in mashed bananas.

However, finding the right shampoo and conditioner might take you hours. That’s why we made a list of best products for color treated hair. Make sure to check it out.

Minimize Your Washes

Even with no dye, hair texture and moisture reduces when you wash it too often. For, your hair loses its natural oil to the water. Hence, ensure you wash your hair once a week at most. Besides getting the right shampoo, opt for a dry shampoo.  This way, you drop water from your hair wash regimen.

Seek Expert Advice for Color Correction

There are times when your hair color doesn’t turn out as desired. During this time, you may go for over-the-counter products to do the color correction. In turn, you may end up drying your hair as you try to wash and fix it. Thus, ask a hair color expert to do color correction for you.

Pat Dry

Once you wash your hair, be gentle when drying it. Avoid scrubbing the color using aggressive hand motions or very harsh towels. Such an approach will fade your new color tone and make your hair ends to appear dry. Instead, pat your hair then let it dry under a shade.

Avoid Drying Hair in Direct Sunlight

Cut exposure of your freshly dyed hair to direct sunlight.  The sun’s rays tend to fade or lighten a new hair color shade. If you must get out in the sunshine, wear a protective cap or hat. Or, use hair oils and creams with a UV filter. Give your hair at least three days for the dye to settle in the strands.

Heat Treatments after Washing

Stay away from any heat treatments when you have fresh color in your hair. For hair dye opens up your cuticles, making your strands vulnerable to damage. You ought to protect your hair as you give the cuticles time to close. Hence, stay away from the dryer, blow dry, or curling iron. If you have to, use a heat protector prior to the heat treatment.

Dye Your Hair Less Often

Finally, give your hair some time to rest before you color it again. An ideal break takes about six weeks after the last round of dyeing. These six weeks will allow your hair to rejuvenate and regain its luster and natural oils. Also, use this time to check and get rid of split ends. Apply a repair treatment to prevent hair breakage when you dye your hair again. Finally, nourish your hair with lots of natural products during your hair wash routine.

Final Tips

Always use deep-penetrating moisturizers on your hair. Such products will prevent your hair from absorbing too much water when you wash it. Are you worried that your hair is already damaged from a previous hair dye routine? Buy or improvise a repair hair mask and apply it on your hair immediately after washing it.


So, you’ve decided to color your hair? Then, be ready to give your hair the extra care it needs to prevent damage and color fading. This hair care starts by adjusting your hair wash routine to protect the color. Start by applying the hair color in the right way. Then, give your dye at least a day to settle before you wash the hair. Limit your frequency to only when necessary. Plus, when you wash it, opt for products that will reinforce the color. Avoid hot water, hot treatments, and direct sunlight. All these will diminish the hair tone and end up damaging your hair. Instead, pat-dry it and let it dry under a shade. Use these simple tips to keep your hair color bright and shiny for longer.

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