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How to Make a Side Income Creating & Selling Printables

Do you run a blog, website, or any other online platform? What avenues do you use to generate income on these online platforms? Do they work for you? Tools like affiliate marketing and selling ad space are quite powerful. Still, they may perform below par for you.

Have you ever thought of making a side income creating and selling printables on your site? Yes, this passive income stream is easy to do and maintain. It can transform your once dormant site into a profitable one. Do you know how to create and sell such printables? Let’s have a look below.

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First Things First… Why a Side Income? 

Let’s face it. If you love what you do online, you might as well make money out of it. Besides, coming up with a side income for your online passion is no rocket science. Look at it this way. You like to improvise solutions to get things done. Or, you have a unique ability to join the dots where others find it difficult. Then, why not share your creativity with the masses at a fee?

It’s a growing trend. People opt to go online and search for solutions to their everyday challenges. Hence, side incomes on Pinterest, Amazon, and other platforms skyrocket. Be that as it may, do you understand how to convert your passion into an online income generating project?

What Are Printables?

Printable prints or printables are pictures, eBooks, drawings, artwork, or any other content you can download and print. They include calendars, planners, stickers, templates, and checklists. Some promotional or educational materials may appear as free printables. But, other printables retail at a reasonable price at most online marketplaces. What is so impressive about printables?

Should You Use Printables to Make Money on Your Online Platform?

Yes. You ought to consider making a side income by creating and selling printables. Why so:

  1. You don’t have to be too tech-savvy to create a printable.
  2. All the tools you need to get you started are available online for free or at affordable prices.
  3. You only need to create and upload your printable once.

Afterward, you can earn from it over and over again. Plus, we now have hi-tech printers that can produce your prints in whatever format and style you want. Hence, it’s an excellent avenue for advertising.

How to Create Your First Printable

First, do a bit of research and decide on the printable that you want. The best way to do this is by looking at the online platforms of your competitors. Next, settle for the right tool for your printable as follows: –

A Word Processor

Microsoft Word and Google Documents are the most modest tools for making a printable. Besides, you could be using them already for your everyday documents.


Are you making analysis templates, checklists, or planners? Then, Google Sheets and Microsoft Excel are your best pick for the job. Come up with sophisticated formulas that produce unique printables for your target clients.

Design Program

Are you conversant with design software? Then, opt for tools like Adobe InDesign or Microsoft Publisher. Such software has elaborate formats that may be missing in the fundamental tools.

Graphic Resources

These include free vectors, stock photos, PSD, and icons. Though free or low-cost, ensure you have a license to use these resources.

Design Software Applications

Can you design your graphics? Then, use software like Canva and PicMonkey. You’ll come up with distinct logos, flyers, invitation cards, and resumes.

PDF Maker

Most PDF creators like PDFescape are available online for free. They work well when you want to come up with fillable forms for your clients.

Electronic Cutting Machine

Are you making die-cut printables or stickers? Use cutting machine software to mark your printables.

The Steps

Now that you know what tools to use for your printables, here are quick steps to create your first printable: –

Step 1: Decide on Which Printables You Want to Create

With time, you’ll realize that you need not one but a variety of printables for your online platform. Hence, peruse the available ideas and settle for those that work best for you. Put into consideration how you will sell these printables later on.

For example, do you want to sell them as a package with other related items? Or, will your digital products retail as individual items. Picture this. You create a healthy menu for your diet-conscious audience. Then, sell this menu together with a three-week diet plan. Whatever you opt for, ensure your platform provides a one-stop store for your clients.

Step 2: Put It on Paper

When you put your idea on paper, it easy to pinpoint areas that need your immediate input. While at it, you may ask a friend or colleague to give you their opinion of your draft. That way, you will know whether your idea is coming out as it should.

Step 3: Brand Your Digital Products

This step is a crucial one. It gives your work its authenticity. Indeed, in a crowded niche where there is too much variety, branding is a must. It is through this that your loyal clients will opt for your products out of trust. Make it seamless for them to pick your products by choosing a sharp branding feature. Your brand should also give your audience a general idea about your business.

Step 4: Choose an Appropriate Design

Are you drafting a printable that needs to conform to a pre-set standard? Such printables include a business card, logo, resume, or flyer. If so, ensure all the design dimensions are accurate. In turn, your final draft will be compatible with other software and apps that go hand in hand with it. 

Step 5: Fool-Proof Your Final Draft

Are you happy with what you have created so far? Then, print it out. Ask a friend or colleague to go online, download and print it. Take note of any bugs or hitches that you encounter in this test run. Use these findings to perfect your printable.

What Next? Pricing Matters

You now have your final print-ready for your online platform. How then do you go about selling it? As an entrepreneur, you ought to have some basics selling skills to keep you ahead of the competition. You must have a good understanding of pricing and your customer’s buying decision cycle.

As you prepare to sell your printables, set an excellent price for them. Start by comparing sample prices of similar digital products by your competitors. You may have to offer some complementary products to get the first few orders in. Still, be mindful of your overheads. You don’t want to run out of business because the business is no longer viable now, do you? Use the following tips to run an effective sales campaign for your printables: –

Selling Your Printables

Choose an Appropriate Online Marketplace

Where do you intend to sell your printables? Do you have an online store? Or, are you managing an interactive blog for your target market? Turn these platforms into income streams. Or, look into ways to sell your digital products on Creative Market, Etsy, and Fiverr. These three sites are some of the best platforms for selling printables. Still, spare some time to understand how these platforms work. 

If you opted for a third-party platform like Etsy, go ahead and set up a seller’s account. Upload your digital product in the right category. Put an appropriate product description that will captivate your target clients.

Track your product performance daily. For example, you may request your initial buyers to rate and review your product. This way, you’ll have an idea of your customers’ experience. Use this feedback to improve your product and come up with upgrades in the future.

Market Your Printables in Other Platforms

Have you attained a sustainable customer base for your printables? Now, get busy with promoting them beyond your current niche. Here are some ways to market your digital products: –

  1. Include a link to your printables in your weekly newsletter to your existing customers.
  2. Run contests and offer printable freebies to new members of your social forums.
  3. Optimize the search for your printables.
  4. Run ads on Facebook for your printables.
  5. Show how to use your printables on your YouTube channel.

Final Thoughts

Are you still struggling with ways on how to monetize the traffic to your site? Why not try to sell some printables. Creating and selling printables is a straightforward income stream for websites. Use the above tips to get you started. Then, remain consistent in your sales and marketing strategies. Even so, always come up with more innovative printables for your evolving niche. Let’s get creative!

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