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How to Earn Free Meal Subscription Boxes

Do you love meal subscription boxes but don’t want to pay upwards of $60 per box? Luckily, there is a way to earn those tasty meal subscription boxes for free. With just a little time and effort, you can earn food credits redeemable on your future meal subscription boxes. How? Take a look below at how to earn free meal subscription boxes so you can enjoy all those yummy meals for less.

1. First, order your trial box.

Sign up for your first meal trial box! Here are a couple of my favorites: Sign up below and get your very own referral code. When you use the links below you can score your meal box for as low as $20, so you can see what the fuss is all about without spending full price. 😉

2. Give your trial box a try.

Once your box arrives, give it a try! Note what you love about it and of course, take lots of vivid food photos. Take photos of your partner or family helping you as you’re cooking and of course of the final meal product. Think of these photos as a way of “selling” the product to others who might be interested.

3. Find your referral code.

Your trial box will come with a referral code to pass out to friends and family. Look for this code as you will need it to refer others and start racking up credits!

4. Share your code with others.

Don’t just share a Facebook post or tweet that says “Here is a referral code for $20 off your next sample box.”  Try and sell it! Instead, post the recipe and ingredients or a photo of your finished product or a photo of your family cooking along with a fun caption like, “Look who helped cooking dinner?” You can then include the coupon code offering interested friends $20 off their first box. This code will also earn you credits towards future free meal subscription boxes once they redeem it.

5. Share on social media channels.

Share your photo and caption on a variety of social media channels such as Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. Share a few different recipes a few different times to reach the most people.

6. Don’t forget those not on social media.

Do you have family and friends NOT on social media? Don’t forget them. Make sure you let them know about the new service you are trying and offer them a discount to try. Bypassing along with your referral code they will get a discounted box and you will earn credits on your next box.

My Experience:

I decided to try out several subscription boxes over the last few weeks. I will say that I’m REALLY impressed with the meals. My favorite was HelloFresh because they have plans and recipes for families. I was able to get $30 off my first box –which gave me two vegetarian meals for 4 people for only $49. We actually fed our family of 5 with these healthy food plans– I have a 6-year-old that is “kinda” picky about the meals he eats.

This is one of the vegetarian meals that I made from Hello Fresh. Even my kiddos loved it! There was plenty to go around as well– even though the meals from Hello Fresh are meant for 4 we could have easily fed 6. I would say that my overall experience with these meal subscription boxes was awesome! The thought of knowing the exact meals we were going to eat and having just enough ingredients was great. No waste and I could follow the directions to a “T”. I was able to replicate a special recipe every time I cooked food for my family.

Give these tips for earning free meal subscription boxes a try. You will be amazed at how fast your referral credits can add up! Once they start, you will find yourself earning free boxes. Most services have no limit to the number of boxes you can earn, so start spreading the word. If friends and family see you genuinely enjoying the healthy food, they are more apt to try it and earn your credits in the process.

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