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How to Apply Concealer with Ease

Every woman should know how to apply concealer the right way. How you put it on is equally important as the concealer itself. You can have the world’s top-rated concealer and end up making your skin imperfections look even worse if you put in on wrong. 

Don’t feel bad if you’re not sure how to apply concealer. Many women don’t put it on the right way, whether they’re willing to admit it or not. It doesn’t matter if you’re concealing a breakout or hiding dark under-eye circles, there’s a specific way to apply concealer for maximum success. Here is how to apply concealer with ease when you want to…..

Hide Dark Circles Under Your Eyes 

Before you even think about putting concealer under your eyes, apply some moisturizing cream first. This will ensure that the concealer will lay down naturally and seamlessly. After moisturizing, apply your concealer with a brush and put it on using a patting motion. Don’t drag the brush, otherwise, it will smear. When you using the patting motion, your concealer won’t end up looking cakey.  

Don’t forget to apply concealer to the inner corners of your eyes. And don’t put any concealer on those smile likes at the sides of your eyes. This way, any fine lines or wrinkles you have won’t be accentuated. Easy does it. A little goes a long way so take it cool with the concealer. 

Diminish Redness Around Your Nose

Use the sponge applicator that came with your liquid concealer to dab tiny amounts on the red areas. The use a fluffy makeup brush to blend the concealer in. Concealer applied around the nose can come off easily. This is especially true if you can’t keep your hands away from your face. And if you have allergies, you’ll have to wipe your nose often.

To make sure your concealer stays put, use a setting powder after you apply it. Just don’t use too much powder to avoid cakiness and creasing. Tip: If it’s wintertime, apply a light hydrating cream to your skin before applying concealer around your nose. This will help you steer clear of flakiness and dryness. 

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Conceal a Pimple Breakout 

Loading a lot of makeup over your pimples won’t cover them up. Plus, it will make them more obvious. The right way to hide pimples is to camouflage them with concealer. Make sure the concealer color matches your skin tone exactly so you won’t be putting a spotlight on your pimples. 

It’s important to know that less is more when it comes to concealing breakouts. 

Apply a few small dots of concealer to the breakout area using a small, firm brush. Then switch to a fluffy brush to finish the look and blend the edges. If you need to add more concealer, go ahead, but don’t over-do it. Then smooth, spread, and blend for the final finishing touch. 


As you can see, it’s not hard to learn how to apply concealer with ease. The main thing to remember is to use the right type & color of concealer and a concealer brush. Then it’s just a matter of using the proper technique. 

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