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How I am Overcoming Depression Naturally (Motivation Inside)

As most of you know, I’ve taken a different direction with mine and my family’s health. When I announced that I was deciding to take a leap into Essential Oils–some of you gave me a hard time about it.. that’s okay 🙂 I don’t expect to have everyone agree with me.

The truth is, I’ve dug into essential oils because I was desperate. Tired of being over medicated, over medicating my family. I just want to feel good and my family be healthy.

I’ve talked about it before on the blog… my ever-long battle with depression. I know there are a lot of factors into overcoming depression (trust me, I’ve been the test-dummy for depression) but people I was ready to overcome my depression in a way that I’ve never fought it before. If you’ve ever experienced overcoming depression you know that the fight is a HARD one… Taking a pill to make it all go away is not what happens. Many people have a misconception that depression is just a way of thinking.. it isn’t. It is a illness and it doesn’t just “go” away.

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Here is my story:

For the last five years I’ve been dealing with overcoming depression. I was diagnosed with postpartum depression after I had my youngest son (now 5) and for some reason I’ve never been able to shake it. 3 years ago I was diagnosed with major depression and since then have gone through 5 different anti-depressants. 2 years ago, I decided to stop taking Effexor and try dealing with things more naturally. About two months ago people, I had decided with my husband that I might go back to the doctor and see what I can do for my moods.

The problem is.. this is NOT what I want. I was becoming more and more frustrated with the fact that I knew that my depression symptoms were coming back. I was tired of being medicated and suffering from side effects. That is why I wanted to get into Essential oils. I’ve pretty much dove in head first because I am determined to be better without drugs.

After consulting with a friend who is also oily and uses young living I decided to get this awesome blend called Progessence Plus Serum. It has several different oils in it in and also has a natural hormone called progesterone.

I’ve been using Progessence Plus for several weeks now– and have found that I am feeling amazing. I apply it everyday (very small drops) and not only have I found  more energy throughout my day but my moods are very neutral and I don’t experience any side effects. I am enjoying every day things and don’t find it a struggle to do normal activities.

This post isn’t to try to convince you of anything.. I just wanted to share. Also, if you are on anti depressants and want to get off of them– please do not quit without prior direction from your doctor.  I just know how much of a struggle it is to be “normal” when you are overcoming depression and am excited to have hopefully found a solution. 

*Disclaimer: These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This information is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. The information on this site is not intended or implied to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis or treatment. Please confirm any information obtained from or through this web site with other sources, and review all information regarding any medical condition or treatment with your physician. Never disregard professional medical advice or delay seeking medical treatment because of something you have read on this website.

Ps. Remember, I’m just a mom wanting to live a more natural life– I’m not a doctor.

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21 thoughts on “How I am Overcoming Depression Naturally (Motivation Inside)”

  1. Please look into the gut-brain connection and consider the GAPS diet. Intestinal dysbiosis can cause mental health disorders. The cure is not easy. It is slow and can be difficult, but if this is your problem, it is solving the root cause of the problem and may help protect your children from mental health issues as well.

    • Thanks for the advice Amy! We’ve actually implemented the GAPS diet into our lives already. Hence why we decided to become more all natural/organic eaters. Its been a long, slow process and the kids are adapting okay.

  2. It is a very low point, trying to sell essential oils, referencing a real life crisis, if you really have this so-called depression. I have serious doubts about your condition. I know this posting will not see the light of the day but just wanted to give you piece of my mind. Lately your blog and deals announcements went way down-hill. I was giving it another month before I called it quits but this posting does it. Referencing human tragedy to drum up sales is really bad taste. Consider people who will follow your hare-brained advice and get themselves into a worse depression, for you to make few bucks worth of commission. Despicable…

      • dont worry about the haters josie. they dont have to follow your blog. i know that alot of people are still here following you like me for years i dont coupon but i love your posts!!! i had a friend that went through postpartum depression and it was horrible luckily it went away. I hope you get better soon and i will still be here for when you do. have a beautiful day

    • Not Important, you should be ashamed of yourself. Its ironic how appropriate your “name” turned out to be.

      Thank you Josie for sharing your real life experiences and offering your take on things. It’s unfortunate that some people feel the need to put others down for no apparent reason. Good luck and I hope you continue feeling good.

  3. Josie, you are such a strong person to be so open and honest with your readers. I commend you for that. About two months ago, I abruptly quit a daily, long-term “habit” that has left me dealing with feelings, both mental and physical that I didn’t know were there because of covering them up. Well, I think I have figured out over these last couple months that the habit has sort of messed with my brain receptors among other things, and what I may be experiencing is some slight depression and anxiety. Honestly, I had all of these new body pains and went to the doctor like five or six times and they could find nothing wrong, medically 🙂 I never went to the doctor before. Well, in these last two months, I have replaced the habit with lots of juicing, raw fruits and veggies, and other yummy good things, and staying really busy in my garden too! I really am starting to feel great nowadays and credit that to taking care of what I put into my body. Thanks for the post on the essential oils, and I will give them a try. Have you looked into taking vitamin B12? I recently purchased B12 at Lassen’s Health Foods. I researched it before I bought it, and read that it is best to purchase the methylcobalmin type and sublingual (under the tongue) dissolving ones for best absorption. I take it almost daily and feel amazing with lots of energy about an hour after I take it.

    • Kelly, I was getting B12 and B6 shots for several months and they honestly worked great in the beginning! However, I was paying $20 per shot 4 times a month.. which got to be very expensive. The pill form never worked for me 🙁

      I have thought about maybe doing it twice a month instead.

  4. I’m sorry for your postpartum…I too went through something similar. I decided to start working out everyday and has helped me a lot. I mean crazy intense workouts. I know everyone’s different and has different needs. I’m tempted to try the essential oils. i know I had hard time admitting that i was suffering from depression. It does take a lot of courage to put it out there!

  5. I am sorry about your depression. I’ll add you to my prayers. I particularly enjoy your website and appreciate all the hard work you put into it. We’ve saved a ton of money and I’m grateful.

    Please also try reflexology. Recommend Body Reflexology by Mildred Carter…

  6. I too have been fighting major depression the past five years. I won’t get into my details, but have looked into and done MANY things. I find that each person is different and it is like a puzzle finding the pieces that fit for each person and a combination of many things. One of the best resources I found was a book and workbook called The Chemistry of Joy. It is a eastern approach combined with western medicine approach. It has a whole section on your eating and diet habits and best of all it breaks down the different types of depression and gives you suggestions for foods and suppliments that may help. I feel that if the oils work for you great even if it’s a placebo effect….whatever helps you feel better…it’s worth it.

  7. Hi – I’m on a similar journey. Just about off the Effexor now. I thought I would share something I’ve found out… Most of us with depression and anxiety have bugs in our gut that make neurotoxins – so on top of oils (which can be great, hey?) it can be a great idea to daily take a good strong probiotic. The best one I know of is from Australia, from a network marketing company, and it’s great. I think it will be available in other countries soon… But if you can’t get it, it’s possible to take big doses of normal ones 🙂

  8. The way I am feeling better from my depression is i joined a group excercise and I do zumba and pounds and I love it, I feel so energize and its helping me at the same time with depression and losing weight. The way to help the symptoms subside to me was eating clean and excercise, simple no pills or stuff that was going to harm me more, and trust me there wasn’t even a day that I would not cry or feel anxious it was awfull.

  9. I don’t know anything about depression, Josie, but I hope and pray you’ll overcome it. I am definitely a believer in essential oils though! My son had a Plantars Wart on his foot and oil of oregano did the trick! We tried the freezing route from the doctor and it was HORRIBLE! The oil of oregano took longer but it was painless and killed the virus completely (which the freezing did not!). Keep up this journey and I’m sure you’re family will be better for it.
    Medicine has its place, but sometimes other routes can be just as good or better!

  10. Thank you Josie for being so transparent. You are such an amazing woman! I’m glad you found something that worked for you and your family. These are problems that are not talked about too often, I too battled post partum after both pregnancies and living in the haze of prescription meds is not for me. I’m glad there are some of us who can relate to your situation, and offer positive feedback and support. <3 Zoey

    • Thank you Zoey! It really is hard to “come out” and talk about alternatives to things.. however, I feel like this is something that will really help people! So glad others feel the same.

  11. Acupuncture has worked for me! You may already know about the natural benefits of acupuncture, but it is costly (some health insurance companies do cover it now). I wanted to share that if you can find, “Community Acupuncture” in your area it will be worth to check it out. Some offices may charge you as little as $20-$25 a session. I wish you the best. I will keep you in my prayers. I love your blog!


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