6 Home Delivery Meals Worth Trying

Have you noticed how many home delivery meals are now on the market? With so many to choose from, you might not know which one is right for you. Lucky for you, I have rounded up 6 home delivery meal services worth trying that will get you complete meals delivered to your home! 

All 6 of these meal subscriptions offer quality meals, in various sizes, at various prices. Take a look at these 6 meal subscriptions worth trying so you can start enjoying a meal subscription service in your own home!

6 Home Delivery Meals Worth Trying

1. Plated.
Plated delivers 3 meals for 2 for around $70 each. They offer seasonal recipes and will create the perfect meals for you based on what’s in season. They do offer an introductory coupon so you can try a trial box for less, and their easy to navigate site makes choosing meals easy.

2. Hello Fresh.
Hello Fresh was one of the first meal subscriptions on the market. They offer boxes for around $70, and you can choose your meals a week ahead of time. Enjoy a trial box at a discounted price, and use their easy to navigate site to choose vegetarian options or even skip deliveries if you wish.

3. Green Chef.
Do you have dietary restrictions? Then Green Chef is for you. They offer gluten free, paleo, and vegetarian menus along with their regular menu. You will need to pay a $9 shipping charge, and servings run about $11 each. They do pride themselves on a diverse, fresh menu.

4. Blue Apron.
Blue Apron offers plans for couples or families. You will pay about $60 for 3 meals for 2, or $140 for a family box. They do offer an introductory coupon for new customers, and you can choose your recipes ahead of time so you always get exactly want. Plus, they often have guest chefs join the fun and develop recipes as well.


5. Gobble.
I reallllyyy like Gobble and feel its most affordable. After you sign up for a box, you can pick and choose what means you want. This has a 2 person option or a 4 person option and I’ve found that you can feed 5 people with the meals (if you have kiddos). You will pay $140 for a family of 4 and you get 3 meals. Get $50 off your first box here. 

6. Freshly.
Is frozen food not your thing? Then Freshly is for you. You can opt for 6, 9, or 12 meals and prices will vary based on your selection. They provide food that is gluten free and contains no refined sugar or preservatives. This is a wonderful way to enjoy fresh, gourmet meals right in your own home.

Are your ready to give one of these meal subscription boxes a try? As you can see, meal subscription boxes offer much variety in the way of menu and pricing. So weigh each one carefully and see which one you want to try!

You might be thinking: HOW can this save me money? I personally ordered several of these over the last year.. and here is what I noticed:

  • keeps you from “figuring out what to eat” 
  • eliminates grocery store runs to pick up food
  • gives you ton of variety 
  • prevents you from eating out
  • and so much more!

Having 3 growing boys, this really helps me in our already busy schedule. As much as I want to be the “perfect mom” and go to the grocery store and meal plan, it just doesn’t always happen!  Home delivery meals have really helped me feel like I’m doing something right! 😉 

Remember, most of these offer a discounted introductory rate. Be sure to check out ways to get FREE boxes or coupon codes so you can try your first box for less.