Helpful tools to help you Budget, Save and keep organized!



I wanted to bring back a couple of tools that I’ve created over the last few months to help you with your money saving journey! These often get buried in with the deals so be sure to print, download or bookmark this page so you can refer to it at a later time if need be.

Southern Cali Saver Savings Tracker— keep track of all of your shopping trips and keep a running total for the month and even the YEAR of savings! I love this spreadsheet as it helps me see the results from all of my hard work. This is an excel spreadsheet that you need to download to your computer (made by ME!)

Southern Cali Saver Stock Up Price guide — Ever wondered what a good stock up price is? As new deal seekers, you may still be working out your “rock bottom” price list. Here is a simple tool you can print that should help you with this. (All prices are Southern California approved! 😉 )

Keep your budget in line with the Envelope System. Our family switched over the a cash only method and we were AMAZED at how much money we spent before. This really did change our lives in regards to actually saving money. Concept by Dave Ramsey.

52 Week Money challenge Save $1378 this year by saving a couple of dollars a week! Print out this handy sheet to keep you on track! If you have a hard time saving money for christmas–this is a great way to give you a nice chunk of change at the end of the year!

Coupon Cheat Sheet Sort through your expired coupons— faster! You could use it as a guide to tell you when to throw away coupon inserts.


  • marky says:

    awesome, i really needed this especially the price guide being new at this.

  • Harry Martin says:

    Another shout-out to the 52-Week Money Challenge. I set up 2 accounts — one for car repairs (we drive 20-year-old cars) and one to buy a new sofa for the house.

    About 7 weeks in (after starting with $52) I had just shy of $350 saved, but here’s where it comes into results.

    Last week, my car did not start and it required a new sensor to be installed — a $310 repair. But I had the money all saved, so no worries and very little pain regarding the bill at all!

    I’ve been telling all my pals about it. Great way to save!


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