Great Ways to Save on Southern California Travel

Great Ways To Save On Southern California Travel Destinations

Great Ways to Save on Southern California Travel

These great ways to save on Southern California travel destinations will make your next big family vacation totally affordable.  From a weekend getaway to a week long adventure, you can save tons of money using some of these great tips. 

Use Getaway Today to book: This site is a great online travel discount site that offers great deals on a ton of common Southern California destinations.  You can save on Disneyland, Legoland, Universal Studios Hollywood as well as your entire vacation.  From hotels and resorts to flights and entertainment tickets, this site gives you insanely good discounts on everything you want to do in Southern California. Tip: Use code CALISAVER at checkout and score a $10 off discount! 

Can’t pay for your entire Vacation upfront? Getaway Today offers “Layaway” plans!

Book outside your destination city: Instead of staying directly in the city of your entertainment destinations, look at the areas around that city.  Most major areas also have many smaller communities within a half hour of your destination that will offer much lower prices on hotels.  Check out condos, house rentals and even resorts for all inclusive stays that offer other great ways to save on Southern California travel destinations.

Bring your own groceries: One of the biggest savings on any travel is to bring or buy your own groceries.  Book a room with a kitchenette or condo with a full kitchen to take advantage of cooking meals in the room for you family.  From breakfasts and lunches to full meals you can take advantage and safe tons of money in your travel food budget this way.

Don’t want to travel with your groceries? Order them through Amazon and have the box sent right to your hotel room!

Drive instead of fly: Sometimes Southern California travel is more expensive since it is so tough to afford flights from cross country.  Research he costs of flights for your family and simply driving cross country. You may find that driving is much more affordable and still allows you a great vacation.

These great ways to save on Southern California travel destinations are easy to apply to your next vacation.  Make a choice on where you want to take your family, then start working your way toward ultimate savings with some of these great tips.