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Glass baby bottles

Glass baby bottles – A hygienic and bacteria-free option

Every mother is uncertain about this issue: glass or plastic bottles? Especially if we’re new mothers, it is common to doubt. Added to this uncertainty is hygiene, which is related to the ease of cleaning. We also want to know whether or not the material the bottle is made of will harm our baby. The good news here is that there are answers to all the doubts surrounding this important issue. For our babies, we don’t want germs or any contaminants. When it comes to a very young or premature baby, the bottle should be made of glass, as this material doesn’t allow germs to adhere inside. Moreover, this material preserves breast milk better if necessary to put it inside them. Additionally, it’s perfect for heating the bottle using a bain-marie. They are also easier to clean and have the characteristic of not concentrating bad odors inside.

Plastic Baby Bottles

In contrast to glass bottles, we have those made with plastic. Compared to glass bottles’ weight, plastic bottles seem to be more attractive. However, the perspective that we must manage is not our comfort but our baby’s health. It’s common knowledge that plastic is a petroleum derivative. Therefore, it is toxic. If the food temperature is high, the plastic bottle will inevitably heat up and release some contaminating particles, which are not recommended for our babies. It’s necessary to remember that BPA, a chemical compound often used in the manufacture of various plastics, can cause health disorders. And honestly, when it comes to risks for our babies, it is preferable to avoid them as much as possible. Of course, we are clear that the impact depends on the frequency of products containing this compound.

As we can see, hygiene and health factors lead us to use glass bottles. When sterilized, they do not suffer any wear and tear; they’re immaculate and shiny, ready to be used again.

Advantages and disadvantages of glass baby bottles

Glass bottles are easier to clean. One of their most important characteristics is that they do not modify the properties or taste of the food we put in the bottle. They are also resistant to high temperatures without being damaged or dulled. And they are the most suitable for premature babies and children with cleft lip because they offer the possibility of better sucking. Finally, they are durable and can even be passed on from generation to generation.

Among their disadvantages are that given their weight, it is not easy for our children to hold them comfortably on their backs. If we do not handle them correctly, they can fall and break. Therefore, they require much care when moving them. We must be very attentive when our baby is taking his bottle.

Now, let’s not forget about aesthetics. As time goes by, plastic bottles tend to deteriorate, turning grayish or yellowish. At the same time, glass bottles will always be transparent. And let’s face it, glass brings a glamorous look to the whole thing.

Now, let’s see the option you can find in the market.

Glass baby bottles

Philips Avent baby bottles

There are varieties of models that offer high-quality glass baby bottles. Among them are, for example, Philips Avent baby bottles. These bottles offer a new special nipple with a spiral design and more flexibility and softness that emulates mom’s skin, including the breast’s movement. Perfect for babies under one year of age.

philips avent

Philips Avent glass bottles – Photo by Amazon

Click on this link to find more details about this bottle. Philips Avent has several options in glass bottles:

Evenflo’s glass baby bottles

Another excellent alternative would be Evenflo’s glass baby bottles, which have a classic and iconic design and are 100% recyclable. This makes them an ally of nature conservation. They have a special shape that makes them easy to hold. This helps so that there is no big problem at feeding time to hold them, and prevents them from falling. Their nipples have built-in air vents. It prevents the nipple from collapsing, and also has an ounce and milliliter marker to easily provide the volume of liquid needed. They are top-rack dishwasher safe.

evenflo's glass baby bottles

Evenflo’s glass baby bottles – Photo by Amazon

Click here for information:

Classic Glass Bottle

Within the line of Evenflo bottles, we have the Classic Glass Bottle. Its nipple has the particularity of responding to the pressure exerted by the baby when sucking. It has an interesting micro-ventilation system; even the nipple is slow flow. This prevents excess air from entering the baby while feeding. As a mother, we know that this translates into colic for our children.

evenflo classic glass bottles

Evenflo classic glass bottles – Photo by Amazon

Click on the link below for more information:

Chicco Natural Feeling Glass Bottle

A smart choice is also the Chicco Natural Feeling glass bottle – Glass Bottle. These bottles feature an advanced anti-colic system to protect our baby. They have an innovative nipple that emulates the breast, which is pleasant for our baby. This makes it easy for our child to adapt to the bottle. They have an anti-drip cap, and are very easy to clean, and, of course, are BPA-free.

chicco natural feeling glass bottle

Chicco natural feeling glass  bottle – Photo by Amazon

Just click on this link to see more details:

Natural Fit Glass Baby Bottle

Chicco also presents Natural Fit Glass Baby Bottle. This bottle has an anti-colic design, which favors our baby’s welfare. Also, they offer peace of mind to us. Its teats mimic the nipple, as it has a slow flow angle, and is made of soft silicone for a secure seal. Nozzle is angled and straight, so it offers the baby’s best feeding position options, and it’s easy to clean. Its bottle is transparent and has a silicone sleeve.

natural fit glass baby bottle

Natural fit glass baby bottle – Photo by Amazon

Just click on the following link for more details:

Tommee Tippee Glass bottles

Tommee Tippee Glass bottles are also a great choice. They are ideal for newborn babies and up. They have a slow flow nipple, so they are suitable for babies; it has a breast shape so that our baby can grasp it easily. It is anti-colic, has an optimal ventilation valve that limits air entry. Thus we can avoid the discomfort suffered by our babies, thanks to colic. It also facilitates the transition from breast to bottle due to its resemblance to our nipple. For our peace of mind, they are BPA-free and do not contain phthalates.

tommee tippee glass

Tommee tippee glass – Photo by Amazon

Click here for information:

Dr. Brown’s Options glass bottles

Another option is Dr. Brown’s Options glass bottles. These bottles have a wide neck and offer a nipple that resembles a natural nipple. It is designed to offer the baby a constant flow, which is very soothing to the baby. It is also contoured enough to offer a proper latch and allow our baby a more natural feeding experience. Contributes to reducing colic, burping, and gas. It helps considerably in digestion and allows our baby to sleep peacefully. Since it is made of glass, it allows better to preserve the nutrients of breast milk and formula. The bottle can be used with or without an internal venting system.

dr brown's options glass bottles

Dr. Brown’s options glass bottles – Photo by Amazon

Visit this page for more information:/span>

BPA-free glass bottle

Lifefactory – BPA-free glass bottle. It has all the advantages of the bottles we have already mentioned. This option is interesting because they have a silicone protective sleeve, special to preserve the temperature, but without the heat passes to our hands. It is ocean-colored.

lifefactory bpa free glass bottle

Lifefactory BPA free glass – Photo by Amazon

Click on this link, and you will discover its beautiful appearance and more details:

Classic Glass Bottle

Evenflo 3-pack Classic Glass Bottle, 8 oz, Clear. It is a bottle that offers micro ventilation in its nipple, and also allows a uniform flow of liquid.

It is recommended for newborns up to 3 months.

evenflo 3-pack classic glass bottles

Evenflo 3-pack classic glass bottles – Photo by Amazon

Click here for more information:

HEVEA Upcycled 2 in 1 Baby Glass Bottle

We present the HEVEA Upcycled 2 in 1 Baby Glass Bottle to close. It has all the benefits of the baby bottles already presented. Also, it comes with a protector in the shape of a star ball made of rubber with recycled materials. In addition to being visibly attractive, it has the characteristic of being completely free of plastic, silicone, and similar petroleum-based substances. Philosophy behind it is that our baby can count on safe and non-toxic products. The rubber ball allows the baby to grasp the bottle without difficulties. The most important thing is that its glass bottle does not emit taste or odor to the food that our child ingests.

hevea upcycled 2 in 1 baby glass bottle

HEVEA upcycled 2 in 1 baby glass bottle

Click on this link, and see more information about this bottle:


Choosing the best once all these aspects have been analyzed shows how glass baby bottles are the best option since they lead to health and hygiene. And just because the bottle’s material is not a petroleum derivative, we are deciding for our child’s well-being. Thus it is clear that glass bottles are the best option. From our perspective, the use of plastic bottles is reserved for special cases: such as trips to the park or when the baby is walking with the bottle in hand.

Plastic bottles are also recommended when the baby is old enough to generate strong antibodies. The feeding of our children should always be carried out responsibly. From our point of view, this is only possible when we adopt a system that reduces as many germs as possible. And in the case of baby bottles, this is achieved with the glass bottle. glass gives us the peace of mind that we are giving our baby the best.

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