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Get Summer Ready #GrillUpStockUp with Albertsons

Believe it or not, summer is just showing it’s hot/humid/ugly face! I think the average temputure here in So Cal has been in the high 80’s. I live far from the ocean, so we get a lot of heat and no wind.

The heat is NOT my favorite part of summer–but the food is! I don’t know what it is but the fruit is juicer, the drinks are amazing and the food is just so much more flavorful! Albertsons wants to help you get summer ready by offering a great, limited time offer. Buy $30 of your favorite #GrillUpStockUp products and snag an awesome $10 instant savings!

The following items are part of the Buy $30, Save $10 instantly:

  • Country Crock Original
  • ICBINB! Original
  • Knorr Sides Chicken,
  • Hellmann’s / Best Foods Real Mayonnaise
  • Lipton Tea 100 ct.

These are some of the summertime favorites! Plus, to help the creative summer time juices flowing, there are several awesome recipes to look at:

Even though it is amazingly warm outside; I still spend spending quality summer hours with my boys, making up cookies!

We decided to whip up some delicious  Make it Yours Cookies  and added regular ole chocolate chips. Sometimes you just need the basics to make a yummy summer time activities! The best part about cookies is that you can literally add whatever you want and let the kids customize them.

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