When Frugality Goes too Far..


When Frugality Goes too Far

Warning: I am about to be REAL in this blog post..  It’s not meant to hurt your feelings, more t0 make you think about things.  If you are easily offended, feel free to skip on over this. 

Have you ever looked at a blog post, “frugal tactic” or whatever else and thought: “wow, that person has took it too far” or “that isn’t for me”?

I have. and it seems that lately, I’ve seen this a lot!

You see, I am constantly online. Looking at all social media platforms, pinterest, instagram..and sometimes I see this terrible trend of people REACHING on deals or what they consider “frugal”.

When the show “Extreme Cheapstakes” came out; there were a.lot. of things that I didn’t agree with. Such as saving your urine to drink in case you ran out of water. That is very, very extreme. I guess in a life-death situation; I might have to consider it but right now? I’m grateful for the water that comes out of my sink and will never take it for granted.

Another example, is “glitch” coupon deals. I mostly see this on Instagram — and a lot of them I just don’t agree with. Glitch deals are deals that usually happen by mistake because  of a coupon code that might have went viral (that was meant for one person, or a select few people) , a coupon is working on different products that it isn’t meant to work on… Its basically people who take full.advantage. of a mistake that a store let slip through.

Consider this: If a physical store (one that you went into to purchase product) somehow left their doors open overnight and someone discovered this… is that an open invite for people to go in and take the products? NO. That is considered stealing. Even if someone made a mistake by leaving the doors open. That is what I see “glitch” deals as.

The anonymity of the internet has made it easier for people to justify the actions they take over the internet.

I encourage you to just take a look at some of the actions that you take when you consider what makes you “frugal”. Here are more tactics that I feel are over the line:

Using an item and returning it. — If you can’t afford it, don’t buy it!

Going out to eat and not tipping correctly. — I am a little biased on this subject because I used to be a full-time restaurant server. I totally get that there are not good servers out there.. but when you go out to eat fully knowing that you don’t plan on tipping the server what they are worth, that is wrong. Stick to a fast food place where the tip isn’t needed.

Asking for a water cup and not using it on water — Sure, soda is cheap. but is it right to take it and not pay? Businesses don’t run by giving away free soda. If they did, they would have given you the soda cup instead.

Turning your paid movie into TWO movies — Sure, maybe they won’t see you sneak into the movie. It still doesn’t mean it is the right thing to do.

What do you think? Do you agree with these?

  • Veronica castro says:

    Yes, I work at costco and yes, I get paid well but just because I get paid well dosnt mean that MEMEBERS should be allowed to treat u rudely. I see 100’s of members a day, and depending on that day alot of members feel entitled to treat u badley. They think u r benith them, we’ll we work too!! Also I work in returnes and people bring back food that has already been eaten or an item they have hade for 10 years. I mean really!! People need to calm down and relax.

  • Melissa says:

    Thanks for the post Josie, agree with everything you said!

  • Miss V says:

    I completely agree, especially about the returns. My biggest pet peeve is seeing people return obviously used beauty items at Sephora because they were “too expensive”. Really? You didn’t know how much it cost when you purchased it?

    When I see people in the returns line with bags(!) of merchandise I have to bite my tongue. Was it just major poor planning, wearing clothes with the tags then returning them, or worse? Seriously, and the returners always have the worst attitudes. I would be mortified to go into a store returning more than 3 items at once, not angry and confrontational.

  • Kathy says:

    Tipping….yes I have an issue with that.
    As far as tipping I wont tip more than I would tithe…

  • motherfish says:

    Well it just makes me like your site more, knowing that the deals you post won’t be of the type that are taking advantage of a store’s mistake. I’ve always felt that was a little bit on shaky ground, and possibly unethical.

    Thanks for your integrity!

  • Jadenchick says:

    Definitely agree with everything! I won’t go after a “glitch” in the system deal. I’m not like that. I’m the kind of person that makes sure my purchases are rung up correctly. If they forget something in my cart I will point it out to make sure I get charged for the item. I don’t have the attitude of “oh well, they forgot”. Great post!

    I probably one of the few that truly use a water cup for its true intention. Lol

  • Lisa says:

    What about the fact that you post deals on items you know are not healthy for people just to keep subscribers coming to your blog? Isn’t that unethical? I would think someone with such high principles would refuse to promote items that feed sugar addiction, overweight and GMOs?

    Did you know retailers mark up their items for at least triple their cost? they are big businesses for a reason and they take advantage of people with every sale for their own profits. And you are condemning people for using glitch coupons that save them $.50??? Come on…

    Additionally, you are comparing that to raiding a store?? ridiculous…Think before posting your opinions. Try going to college and getting an education.

    • Josie says:

      Lisa, My blog isn’t here to tell people “what” they should feed their families. I am simply here to let them know that they can save money on things that they will probably buy anyway. 🙂 I don’t consider that unethical. and YES, I do know that stores mark up the products, they are a business.. how else would they profit? I’m not sure why you are taking offense to this post.. especially by insulting me. Are you guilty of something on this list? 🙂

      • Lisa says:

        You posted about what you think are actions that are dishonest. I am simply pointing out how ridiculous some of your opinions are and what you left out of the list: your own unethical behavior. It is unethical to promote products (If you are posting about it, you are promoting it) you know isn’t healthy and that you don’t buy yourself. That is something entirely different than telling people what to feed their families. It is acting with principles, which is what this post is ultimately about. But I guess your principles end at your bottom line: getting and keeping subscribers. No amount of smiley faces on your post will change that!

        • Josie says:

          Lisa, here is where you lack substance. This blog, is MY blog. I can choose not to post or post whatever I would like. Just like you are allowed to do whatever you want in YOUR house. You can also choose to “unsubscribe” yourself.. which, because of your attitude it seems like you would not be missed. As far as my “subscribers” there is nothing keeping them here, just like yourself. If they don’t want to see the things I post, they simply just stop visiting. I don’t keep anyone.. they come here by choice 🙂

      • Corina F says:

        Josie: Forget the haters and the naysayers! No matter what you post, you are not responsible for what people decide to feed their families. Lisa’s attack is likely a case of projection at it’s finest.

    • Corina F says:

      Lisa: if you don’t like what Josie is doing here and only have negative things to say, stop wasting everyone’s time and move along! When Josie references a glitch it has nothing to do with $0.50 coupons that are being used incorrectly. Perhaps you are feeling guilty about using coupons incorrectly!?!

  • Britt P. says:

    I remember all the posts of Josie’s that talk about her bettering her family and lifestyle.
    As well as all the comments of her inspiration. Josie in my opinion is one of the most upfront bloggers I read .She has saved my family so much money with all her research and advice.
    Not everyone can afford to spend DOUBLE or more on groceries to only buy 100% organic/Eco products. I would LOVE to and do what I can to buy natural but by budget doesn’t always allow. It is hard to transition a family as well.

    It’s not worth it to try to scam a store I shop regularly for $.50???
    You can compare it to what you want but fraud is fraud. it states right on the coupon”Coupon for products and quantities stated. Any other use constitutes fraud.”
    Thanks Josie for being ethical and educated enough to keep all your readers educated as well. Most appreciated.

  • Nadine says:

    do you teach classes

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