How to find the best deals on Amazon (+ one secret you probably haven’t hear of!)

How to find the best deals on Amazon

How to find the best deals on Amazon

Maybe you have heard about how your friends save money on Amazon, but you’re not sure how to get started. Saving money on Amazon is truly worth it, however, you need to know the right ways to save money while using Amazon. You can’t just sign up and expect the savings to come to you, you have to look for it.

Amazon Prime

It’s hard to save money on Amazon when you’re paying for shipping costs all the time. Signing up for Amazon Prime is really simple. It’s a one year membership, which gives you access to

  • Free two day shipping
  • Prime Photos
  • Prime Instant Video (Free movies!) 
  • Kindle Owners’ Lending Library (Free ebooks!) 
  • Prime Music
  • Special coupons for Amazon prime members only

As of now, the price for a year of Amazon prime is $99 and you can only sign up through Amazon.com. That’s a lot of saving for $99 a year! If you make more than 10 orders on Amazon a year, your membership is paid for! Find more info on Amazon Prime (plus, get 30 days to try it FREE!)

Today’s Deals

Every day, Amazon highlights specific deals that are available each day on their website. You can look through those deals to see what money saving options are going on that day. Typically, these items include a lot of household and electronic items, which are perfect for gift giving. Find details here

Subscribe & Save

This is a portion of Amazon that a lot of people save really big bucks on. Let’s say you need deodorant every month, you can sign up for Subscribe and Save through Amazon and save an additional 5% on your purchase. You can take it a step further and the more subscriptions you add, the more savings you can get. The percentage in savings that Amazon offers might vary, so this is something you will want to look a little closer into. Find details on Subscribe and Save

Amazon Coupons

Did you know Amazon has their own ONLINE coupons?! They do, and they offer them once a month–they are usually really awesome coupons too. You can check out the Amazon coupon page here.

Amazon Movers & Shakers

What is this? This is not usually a page that is given much attention. Mostly because people have NO clue what it is! 🙂  I LOVE the Amazon movers & Shakers page because this is the GOLD MINE for several reasons.. Here are several reasons that an item can end up on the Movers & Shakers list.

  • Amazon is selling at an artificially low price because they are matching another retailer who is being aggressive with the price.
  • Maybe a third-party seller set a very hot price that is attracting more sales (and they may have sold out)
  • it simply maybe a new item that has gained popularity.

check out the Amazon Mover & Shaker page

Amazon Rewards Visa

The Amazon Rewards Visa is an extra that Amazon offers and only something you should do if you feel 100% confident in your ability to pay it off every month. Otherwise, you won’t be saving any money and all of that interest will eventually cost you. The perks of signing up for the rewards credit card is that you get a percentage back of each purchase you make and there’s no annual fee. Often times, Amazon will even offer you an Amazon.com gift card for signing up for their credit card. Make sure you pay attention to all of the details because you don’t want to miss any of the important financial details.

Buying in Bulk

A lot of people save money by buying in bulk through Amazon. Once you have Amazon Prime set up, you can order a lot of items and get free shipping. Let’s say your family goes through a lot of juice, you can order juice in bulk through Amazon.com and save a ton of money that way!

With a little creativity, you can continue to save through Amazon.com. Stay up to date on your Prime membership and pay attention to the deals that are happening on a daily basis.

What are some ways you save money using Amazon?

  • tracyfl says:

    I never pay for shipping and I don’t have Prime. Just buy more than $35 worth of items in one transaction.

  • Jaque says:

    you can also check prices at


    to see if it’s a good price or not before purchasing, there’s even an addon that you can integrate with your browser of choice

    also if you have a family member that has amazon prime, you can have them add you as a family member so you can also benefit from the 2 day free shipping, or split the costs of prime membership.

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