How we file our taxes for free

How we file our taxes for free


How we file our taxes for free

When I first attempted to file our taxes, several years ago.. I was very intimated! What if I messed up? What if the IRS came after us for some reason? Those were just a few of the thoughts running in my head. Despite all of that, I tried it.. and whew! I can’t believe how EASY it really was. As long as you follow the instructions and have all of your w2’s and other important tax info.. you can totally do it too! 🙂

Did you know that you can file your federal taxes for free? Yes! If you have a fairly simple return (ie. one or two w2’s) you can use the Federal Free Edition with Turbo Tax! When my husband was the sole income provider, we used this option all the time. We didn’t have a mortgage (but I even with a mortgage, it is fairly simple!) and we didn’t have very many deduction options (just student loans) and it was SUPER easy!

We were able to efile and got our refund money back in two weeks!



The awesome, awesome thing is that if you make less than a certain amount this year (each state varies) you may even qualify to have your state taxes done for FREE!

Do you use the FREE options available to you? Do you find it easy?

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