How I Eat Healthy and On A Budget

Last week, I wrote a post on how I was learning the secrets of ALDI and how much I’ve fallen in love with a lot of their products and I’m so excited to be able to shop great food, without the hassle about spending too much money feeding my 3 (growing-so-fast boys) 


As part of my partnership with ALDI, I was given the opportunity to try even more ALDI products when they sent me a big box of goodies– plus a huge shopping list to make the type of meals that I love– fresh and healthy! I was excited about the mix of healthier choices especially all of the gluten free products from their liveGfree® line.  They were also very generous with California Olive Ranch Olive Oil and Carlini Extra Virgin Olive Oil (a MUST have) and when I visited my local ALDI store, I was so surprised at how low these items were priced– I was like a kid in a candy store! 


ALDI Supplied four different recipes from the ALDI Test Kitchen and Bon Appéti that I could make for my family plus a shopping list of every ingredient that I should use. 

I don’t know about you, but a grocery cart full of yummy fresh food really gets me excited!! 🙂 (is that weird?) The best part of this entire shopping trip is that I spent less than $90* for everything on this list! which made a total of four meals for our family, which I feel like could have fed at least 6 people! 


Here are two of our favorite recipes:

The Prosciutto-Wrapped Chicken with Roasted Cauliflower — which, when I went to ALDI I was really surprised that you could purchase prosciutto for less than $3*! Most places easily charge upwards of $6. The recipe was so easy, I just had to assemble the ingredients and stick them in the oven and it was SO good! 


The  Mini Gluten Free Pesto, Chicken and Vegetable Bites   I improvised and made into a larger version. This meal was super easy too! I saute the Foster Farms Simply Raised Antibiotic-Free Chicken Breasts right in the pan then added the super fresh veggies right after and served to my kiddos! They actually LOVE spinach, so this one was gobbled up right when I served them 🙂 

I was so inspired by the ease of shopping at ALDI. They really only provide things that you need and don’t fill their store with TOO many choices so you can literally go in and shop, pack up your groceries and be done! This is especially helpful when you have to shop with kids– less distractions mean for less “asking” for food! 😀 

Overall, I am very excited to see what else ALDI will bring to California– besides great prices, the fact that ALDI offers food options that are GMO-free and all ALDI exclusive products do not contain certified synthetic colors, partially hydrogenated oils (a source of trans fats) and added MSG , really brings joy to my ear that I can get great prices on these “better for you” food! There is no doubt that our society is shifting towards more fresh foods and eating better.  

If you want to check out what ALDI has to offer–be sure to head over and find a location near you, and check out aldi.us, blog.aldi.us,  Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest

*Prices subject to change and may vary by store location.

This post was sponsored by ALDI. As part of my partnership with the brand, I received my ALDI Delivered box as a fun way to sample and review products and recipes. This is not a new delivery service.

  • Marlene says:

    I absolutely love, love Aldi! Shop there every week. Always the very freshest produce. And very friendly staff.

  • Lindsey says:

    Shopping ALDI has significantly helped our (small) family budget! As they continue to provide more organic options, we are able to eat healthier for less money!

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